Global Prize Competition: Examples of Successful Projects

We are happy to share a few examples of previous prize-winning projects for review digitally. These projects were selected because they offer insight into one example of a competitive project within different academic disciplines. Examples of the Reflective Essay are not available.

All alumni have given permission for their materials to be posted here anonymously.  As a reader, we ask you do not download or circulate these examples as they are the property of the author and not meant for distribution beyond the Trojan community.

Thank you,
The AHF Team

Arts & Humanities

School of Architecture – “Democratic Planning”
A collection of projects from a semester abroad in Asia. Design choices were made based on firsthand observation of users/tenants problems and solutions.

School of Dramatic Arts – “Aesthetic Decolonization: Magic Realism and Rewriting Postcolonial Trauma in Briar Grace-Smith’s Purapurawhetū”
Capstone project that explores Māori theatre as a hybrid, indigenous theatrical form and uses a close reading of Briar Grace-Smith’s play to investigate how magic realism supports the staging of postcolonial trauma narratives.


Marshall School of Business & Leventhal School of Accounting – “An International Perspective on the US Healthcare Market”
A comparison of US healthcare to peer nations. The project values the loss to US consumers from market inefficiencies and provides examples of the successful achievement of universal healthcare in Taiwan and Australia.

Natural Sciences

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Neuroscience) – “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Historical and Modern Analysis”
A two-paper capstone project combining a historical account of forward psychiatry with a modern analysis of PTSD in non-Western contexts. Together, these papers pave the way for future improvements in the treatment of trauma disorders.

Social Sciences

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (International Relations) – “Mitigating Opioid Crises in the United States, India, and Greece: A Comparative Case Study of Government Policies”
Research comparing government responses to opioid addiction crises in the US, India, and Greece to determine the efficacy of various policies against various causal factors.