External Scholarships and Fellowships

USC Academic Honors and Fellowships supports applicants through direct advising for selected competitive national and international scholarships and fellowships. Most of the opportunities on this list involve a campus endorsement or nomination process for applicants. Beyond this list of of awards supported by USC AHF, many more competitive scholarships and fellowships are available. Each category includes fellowships from the selected list of opportunities as well as some additional opportunities for applicants to consider, which can also be found using the USC Awards & Fellowships Database.

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Graduate Study awards are for applicants interested in pursuing advanced degrees in North America, Asia, or Europe.

International Exchange provides opportunities for immersive cultural engagement abroad through teaching, research, study or internship.

STEM Awards provide an opportunity for study and/or research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Service Oriented awards emphasize public policy, international affairs, and public service through various avenues of study, research, and internship.

Language Study promotes language study and immersion internationally for applicants at varying levels of language proficiency.

Special Populations seek applicants from historically underrepresented groups including students of color, high financial need, first-generation, etc.