4.0 Awards

GPA recognition is now presented at the School or Department level alongside other academic honors such as Latin/University Honors, Departmental Honors and Honors Societies such as Phi Kappa Phi. As such, University Trustees and USC Provost’s 4.0 GPA awards have been discontinued. Please contact your school/department for more information.

University Trustees Award

The University Trustees Award is granted to graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholarship average since their first year at the University. The recipients of this award have earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average for their entire undergraduate course of study at USC.

USC Provost’s Award

The USC Provost’s Award is granted to graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholarship average of all undergraduate transfer students at the University. The recipients have attained a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

**Prior to 2022, the Emma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award was granted to graduating senior women who attained the highest scholarship average of all undergraduate women at the University. The recipients attained a perfect 4.0 grade point average for their entire undergraduate course of study at USC.  The Emma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award was founded by USC’s Faculty Women’s Club.

4.0 Grade Point Average Awardees

Mohammad A. AbdelkhaleqUniversity Trustees Award2022
Heather L. ChernissUniversity Trustees Award2022
Ciara M. CollinsUniversity Trustees Award2022
Alexander L. CooperUniversity Trustees Award2022
Kiarra Mary AkiyoshiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Katrina Bianca ChandraEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Prerika ChawlaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Deborah ChoeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Anjali DevganEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Nastaran Khorasani FarEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Sophie Claire HammondEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Julia Yulian HanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Stella-Ann HarrisEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Catherine Ying LiangEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Lindsey Nicole MarksEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Anuva MittalEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Molly Noelani Sulzer Emma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Siyu WuEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2021
Bryant CongUniversity Trustees Award2021
John Anthony KimbleUniversity Trustees Award2021
Jeremiah Aaron MillerUniversity Trustees Award2021
Ryan StorgardUniversity Trustees Award2021
Jacob W. ToneyUniversity Trustees Award2021
Alexis Marie AmaradioUSC Provost's Award2021
Caitlin Guevarra GutierrezUSC Provost's Award2021
Philip JungUSC Provost's Award2021
Raelyn Mariel KelleyUSC Provost's Award2021
Gina KimUSC Provost's Award2021
Skyler MelnickUSC Provost's Award2021
Hunter Dean NelsonUSC Provost's Award2021
Kyle Mark PopokUSC Provost's Award2021
Paige Natalia RaskinUSC Provost's Award2021
Mya J. RobertsUSC Provost's Award2021
Emily TorpUSC Provost's Award2021
Kyla-Rose WaldenUSC Provost's Award2021
Yuchen WangUSC Provost's Award2021
Zhengyu YangUSC Provost's Award2021
Annelisse Cuellar-MontesUSC Provost's Award2020
Honor HayballUSC Provost's Award2020
Mami HorikawaUSC Provost's Award2020
Aris MangasarianUSC Provost's Award2020
Danielle MoralesUSC Provost's Award2020
Zhonghao ShiUSC Provost's Award2020
Adrien VerusUSC Provost's Award2020
Elizabeth WinnickiUSC Provost's Award2020
Nihar AgrawalUniversity Trustees Award2020
Neelesh BagrodiaUniversity Trustees Award2020
Rae LanUniversity Trustees Award2020
Michael WongUniversity Trustees Award2020
Jingyun YangUniversity Trustees Award2020
Savannah BenzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2020
Rose BuenoEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2020
Danielle CollinsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2020
Isabella HauptmanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2020
Sarah LeitnerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2020
Lauren FatoorechiUSC Provost's Award2019
Lucas GelfenUSC Provost's Award2019
Siwei HeUSC Provost's Award2019
Campbell Ann MattixUSC Provost's Award2019
Jackson ReinhardtUSC Provost's Award2019
Viktoriya ShumakovaUSC Provost's Award2019
Sara Renee StevensUSC Provost's Award2019
Joseph William TeplickyUSC Provost's Award2019
Rafael Seth MaarekUniversity Trustees Award2019
Haochen WangUniversity Trustees Award2019
Alexandra Joy GershmanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2019
Lamisa HasanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2019
Taylor Marie WhittemoreEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2019
Madeline ZhengEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2019
Daniel BiekerUSC Provost's Award2018
Delaney J. HarboldUSC Provost's Award2018
Julia D. IacopettiUSC Provost's Award2018
Kylin A. LevyUSC Provost's Award2018
Philine QianUSC Provost's Award2018
Olivia R. V. VillersUSC Provost's Award2018
Samuel A. CohenUniversity Trustees Award2018
Phillip Q. RichardsUniversity Trustees Award2018
Saratu L. KutanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2018
Tae H. HaUSC Provost's Award2017
Marisa M. InadaUSC Provost's Award2017
Jungwon MinUSC Provost's Award2017
Camille M. PatraoUSC Provost's Award2017
Joseph UhmUSC Provost's Award2017
Christian S. WagnerUSC Provost's Award2017
Jordan K. KondoUniversity Trustees Award2017
Samantha J. CioppaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Christina S. DeirmenjianEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Jennifer M. FrazinEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Elizabeth S. KanovskyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Rachel S. LevineEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Erin F. MillsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Cooper V. NelsonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Madeleine M. B. SampsonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Shayna SharimEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Richelle SmithEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2017
Christopher DornUSC Provost's Award2016
Arda TchakianUSC Provost's Award2016
Avinash VakilUSC Provost's Award2016
Eshed MargalitUniversity Trustees Award2016
Gabriel Carreira Mel De FontenayUniversity Trustees Award2016
Katherine CanfieldEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Alexandra FloresEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Madeleine R. HellerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Jasmine LiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Mackenzie Darr PostelEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Sulekha RamayyaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Camille J. SaucierEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Anjali ShahEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Adrienne V. VisaniEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2016
Sakura KatoUSC Provost's Award2015
Nicole Pearl KleinmanUSC Provost's Award2015
Brandon J. LoureiroUSC Provost's Award2015
Leslie Jay McCrackenUSC Provost's Award2015
Harrison H. LeeUniversity Trustees Award2015
Manan P. ShahUniversity Trustees Award2015
Jason C. SilvermanUniversity Trustees Award2015
Alexander Daniel YuenUniversity Trustees Award2015
Sarah Anne JacksonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2015
Eliza AsherianUSC Provost's Award2014
Mary HargisUSC Provost's Award2014
Jung-Hwa KangUSC Provost's Award2014
Julia McBethUSC Provost's Award2014
Mia ZeeUSC Provost's Award2014
Patrick J. AtchisonUniversity Trustees Award2014
Benjamin C. DiazUniversity Trustees Award2014
Reid E. LidowUniversity Trustees Award2014
Aaron R. LiebermanUniversity Trustees Award2014
Brandon E. MartinezUniversity Trustees Award2014
Adeel MohammadiUniversity Trustees Award2014
Awadi S. RathugamageUniversity Trustees Award2014
Grace C. ChediakEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Ellen R. FeldmanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Anjlie A. GuptaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Julia R. Lazzari-DeanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Mabel Wing-Nam TsuiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Kaitlyn Mei Ann YimEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2014
Andrew AlonzoUSC Provost's Award2013
Paris Jami-TehraniUSC Provost's Award2013
Alexander FullmanUniversity Trustees Award2013
Walker HollrahUniversity Trustees Award2013
Jeffrey T. SakamotoUniversity Trustees Award2013
Shelby Lane BachmanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
Katherine A. FuEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
Olivia LassoffEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
Julia Sabo MangioneEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
Sara MeghjiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
Aadrita MukerjiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2013
J. Ryan HillUniversity Trustees Award2012
Cody Shaw NelsonUniversity Trustees Award2012
Sonam G. KapadiaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2012
Ashley MichelsonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2012
Jeannie Y. ZhangEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2012
Jack M. PeaceUniversity Trustees Award2011
Daniel WuUniversity Trustees Award2011
Samantha AnconaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2011
Sarrah ShahawyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2011
Catherine SullivanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2011
Paul N. FrankUniversity Trustees Award2010
Neil WaliUniversity Trustees Award2010
Natasha A. NaikEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2010
Lisa WerthEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2010
Paul VanWierenUniversity Trustees Award2009
William ZarifiUniversity Trustees Award2009
Sara L. SchlievertEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2009
Andrew D. HorningUniversity Trustees Award2008
Gregory SayerUniversity Trustees Award2008
Kelly NakamuraEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2008
Alexandra ShiovitzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2008
Alexander S. DalyUniversity Trustees Award2007
Mrinalini ChandraEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2007
Alexander M. GeorgakisUniversity Trustees Award2006
Kavitha R. SivaramanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2006
Christina ToEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2006
Zeeshan AhmedUniversity Trustees Award2005
Kenneth D. BasinUniversity Trustees Award2005
Wam Sonya TangEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2005
Katherine A. TrefzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2005
Serge AlexanianUniversity Trustees Award2004
Yagil BarazaniUniversity Trustees Award2004
David M. ChackoUniversity Trustees Award2004
Choon-Kyu LeeUniversity Trustees Award2004
Gene-Fu F. LiuUniversity Trustees Award2004
Salil R. ShahUniversity Trustees Award2004
Sharon GabayanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2004
Dianna TruongEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2004
Kevin C. HuohUniversity Trustees Award2003
Daren KwokUniversity Trustees Award2003
Victoria E. AbrairaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2003
Jennette L. AllenEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2003
Serineh BaghdasarianEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2003
Deborah M. LeeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2003
Dara E. PurvisEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2003
Sameer T. AminUniversity Trustees Award2002
Stanley B. ChouUniversity Trustees Award2002
Ali FakhariUniversity Trustees Award2002
Scott L. TakanoUniversity Trustees Award2002
Laurel M.L. ChunEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2002
Gizella Sheila LaksanaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2002
Susan E. MackieEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2002
Paritosh PrasadUniversity Trustees Award2001
Neelu AroraEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2001
Amy K. StauffEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2001
Jacob M. ChackoUniversity Trustees Award2000
Judith M. SmithEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2000
Jenny H. YieeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award2000
Hubert D. CondorettiUniversity Trustees Award1999
Andrew PhilipUniversity Trustees Award1999
Anna KilsgaardEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1999
Alaina K. KippsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1999
Hani S. GhattasUniversity Trustees Award1998
Gabriel G. PaiUniversity Trustees Award1998
Alexander R. SmallUniversity Trustees Award1998
Joseph B. UcuzugluUniversity Trustees Award1998
Edward WelchUniversity Trustees Award1998
Heather M. ZacharyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1998
William H. HubbardUniversity Trustees Award1997
Jing S. ChenEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1997
Christina D. SmolkeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1997
Clint Chester Ngo ChuaUniversity Trustees Award1996
Kemal DemircilerUniversity Trustees Award1996
Eileen Louise MearsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1996
Mukesh SwaroopUniversity Trustees Award1995
Darcy Nikol BryanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1995
Michael J. BanksUniversity Trustees Award1994
Mark RuzonUniversity Trustees Award1994
Sharon S. NgEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1994
Erik G. LunaUniversity Trustees Award1993
Josh A. YoungUniversity Trustees Award1993
Lore A. UntEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1993
Nick Laurence Tan LimUniversity Trustees Award1992
Joyce M. SantiagoEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1992
Kenneth T. KigerUniversity Trustees Award1991
Cynthia L. PalmerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1991
Wendy J. SpanglerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1991
Jerry H. GilbertUniversity Trustees Award1990
Ararat KapouytianUniversity Trustees Award1990
Cindy ChanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1990
Peter J. PaciniUniversity Trustees Award1989
Eva C. IhleEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1989
Kenneth L. BacherUniversity Trustees Award1988
Guillermo MadariagaUniversity Trustees Award1988
Kimberly L. ValentineEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1988
Paul G. FloydUniversity Trustees Award1987
Bryan J. GushikenUniversity Trustees Award1987
Morteza ZarrabianUniversity Trustees Award1987
Debra L. DeVischerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1987
Samuel J. WangUniversity Trustees Award1986
Janny Woon Fun LeungEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1986
Michael S. MarxUniversity Trustees Award1985
Michael P. ReillyUniversity Trustees Award1985
Brian J. WongUniversity Trustees Award1985
David E. WoodruffUniversity Trustees Award1985
Shirley J. GeeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1985
Patrick J. GrismerUniversity Trustees Award1984
Peter D. HirschUniversity Trustees Award1984
Raymond P. Liccini Jr.University Trustees Award1984
Ching C. Laura LinEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1984
Sally L. MelochEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1984
Henry M. HondaUniversity Trustees Award1983
Sharon L. DolezalEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1983
Stanley H. KoyanagiUniversity Trustees Award1982
Linda V. KuglmeierEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1982
Nagisa V. MatsuyamaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1982
Curtis D. BakerUniversity Trustees Award1981
Timish M. ChaikovskyUniversity Trustees Award1981
Craig S. FurnissUniversity Trustees Award1981
Alden M. HayashiUniversity Trustees Award1981
Chris K. ImamuraUniversity Trustees Award1981
Kwok L. YunUniversity Trustees Award1981
Ramona L. CappelloEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1981
Michele A. MorisakiEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1981
Robert V. GrazianoUniversity Trustees Award1980
William A. HagopianUniversity Trustees Award1980
David LarsenUniversity Trustees Award1980
Karl I. SwaidanUniversity Trustees Award1980
Juliana BarrEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1980
Alice P. GastEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1980
Geli A. KitsigianisEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1980
Jill M. KunitakeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1980
Robert S. HendersonUniversity Trustees Award1979
John F. WeberUniversity Trustees Award1979
Beatrice A. GolombEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1979
Rona E. MolodowEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1979
John A. GrahamUniversity Trustees Award1978
Roberta O. BlakeyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1978
Fung-kiu DerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1978
Sharon M. SimonianEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1978
Steven M. ArickUniversity Trustees Award1977
Lawrence P. ChongUniversity Trustees Award1977
Gilbert R. ColemanUniversity Trustees Award1977
Mark W. OdouUniversity Trustees Award1977
Effie AnastassiouEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Catherine J. BarnettEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Mary K. HallEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Kathleen HamorEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Meredith J. MansfieldEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Betsy A. RitzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Sherrie R. StrausfogelEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1977
Shahbaz EghtedariUniversity Trustees Award1976
Michael C. KelleyUniversity Trustees Award1976
D. Kerry McCluggageUniversity Trustees Award1976
George R. OhUniversity Trustees Award1976
Cindy L. EisleyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1976
Penelope C. MeierEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1976
Mark P. SchwartzUniversity Trustees Award1975
John S. UebersaxUniversity Trustees Award1975
Lucienne Michelle AllardEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1975
Margaret A. CurtrightEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1975
Roderic J. CherrieUniversity Trustees Award1974
Melvin F. WoodsUniversity Trustees Award1974
Teresa C. O’LoughlinEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1974
Judy E. RimelspachEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1974
Carol A. TalkingtonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1974
Sharon L. VromanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1974
Steven C. KnowlesUniversity Trustees Award1973
Glenn R. WongUniversity Trustees Award1973
Wendy MartynaEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1973
John T. KeelerUniversity Trustees Award1972
Lyle E. MorrisUniversity Trustees Award1972
Ronald PalmieriUniversity Trustees Award1972
Jann L. HolwickEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1972
Randall C. HulbertUniversity Trustees Award1971
Linda J. DonovanEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1971
Steven M. BaldwinUniversity Trustees Award1970
Eileen J. BradleyEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1970
Bruce C. MatzenUniversity Trustees Award1969
Mary A. MeyerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1969
James R. SmootUniversity Trustees Award1968
Patricia R. BjörklundEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1968
Garrett F. StewartUniversity Trustees Award1967
Patricia F. VickEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1967
Mark F. PultmanUniversity Trustees Award1966
Joella GerstmeyerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1966
Howard A. HymanUniversity Trustees Award1965
Ruth L. CaldwellEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1965
Barbara S. StoneEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1964
Susan R. WeinerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1963
Barbara D. EpsteinEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1962
Susan E. LaemmleEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1961
Sheila J. PalmerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1960
Barbara G. BennisonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1959
Edythe D. DieudonneEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1958
Rosemary A. DetwilerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1957
Marilyn R. MansfieldEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1956
Carolyn J. TempleEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1955
Shirley E. EglandEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1954
Mary Lou WallbergEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1953
Lily HoselitzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1952
Florence J. DunfordEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1951
Maida L. AdamsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1950
Suzanne L. RothsteinEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1949
Fanny KyriaxEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1948
Margaret S. EllworthEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1947
Beverly GriffithsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1946
Eleanor ColbertEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1945
Georgellen HillEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1944
Shirley J. HitzEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1943
Mary L. GowerEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1942
Ruth D. SimpsonEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1941
Helen VeselichEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1940
Jane D. LewisEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1939
Virginia LaneEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1938
Ruth T. WatanabeEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1937
Mary P. FunkEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1936
Mary E. WhiteEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1935
Rebecca UhvitsEmma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award1934
Justin AbeUniversity Trustees Award2022
Shreya DanielUniversity Trustees Award2022
Matthew D. EvensonUniversity Trustees Award2022
Evelyn HaUniversity Trustees Award2022
Shreya HarappanahallyUniversity Trustees Award2022
Rachel A. HeilUniversity Trustees Award2022
Nikki JafarzadehUniversity Trustees Award2022
Abigail D. JarvisUniversity Trustees Award2022
Abegail JavidzadUniversity Trustees Award2022
Lucia JiangUniversity Trustees Award2022
Andrew T. KinoshitaUniversity Trustees Award2022
Rohan KotaUniversity Trustees Award2022
Mary J. La BlancUniversity Trustees Award2022
Zazu S. LippertUniversity Trustees Award2022
Arianna B. LopezUniversity Trustees Award2022
Sabrina K. PanfilUniversity Trustees Award2022
Stephen J. D. QuitonUniversity Trustees Award2022
Lauren J. SandersUniversity Trustees Award2022
Cole SchroederUniversity Trustees Award2022
Sean P. SilviaUniversity Trustees Award2022
Matthew H. SladeUniversity Trustees Award2022
Rohan SrinivasanUniversity Trustees Award2022
Alexander B. VuUniversity Trustees Award2022
Anthony M. WienckoUniversity Trustees Award2022
Ruby WilksUniversity Trustees Award2022
Trisha Mendoza WillieUniversity Trustees Award2022
Katherine H. WongUniversity Trustees Award2022
Tianyu ZhangUniversity Trustees Award2022
Joy F. ZhuUniversity Trustees Award2022
Marissa K. AndersonUSC Provost’s Award2022
Flor BojorquezUSC Provost’s Award2022
Madison J. Bradfield-DavisUSC Provost’s Award2022
Mariana Chaves BuxtonUSC Provost’s Award2022
Jennifer  DamUSC Provost’s Award2022
Cassandra E. Friedlich,USC Provost’s Award2022
Dylan K. GoodaleUSC Provost’s Award2022
James D. HansenUSC Provost’s Award2022
Benjamin W. HeidUSC Provost’s Award2022
Chynna L. HinrichsenUSC Provost’s Award2022
Audrey E. KatoUSC Provost’s Award2022
Jennifer LeeUSC Provost’s Award2022
Clover W. LiUSC Provost’s Award2022
Preston LongUSC Provost’s Award2022
Hana RoushdyUSC Provost’s Award2022
Jennifer  R. SimonellUSC Provost’s Award2022
Natasha SinghUSC Provost’s Award2022
Paris de Chantal SmithUSC Provost’s Award2022
Christina SteffanUSC Provost’s Award2022
Farid Tommy K. TaheriUSC Provost’s Award2022
Milagros S. VidalUSC Provost’s Award2022
Zijie WangUSC Provost’s Award2022
Joshua WilliamsUSC Provost’s Award2022
Felicia WulandariUSC Provost’s Award2022
Haoda YangUSC Provost’s Award2022
Abigail YosianUSC Provost’s Award2022
Zhiting YuanUSC Provost’s Award2022
Candice YunUSC Provost’s Award2022
Samantha ZenozUSC Provost’s Award2022
Shauna X. ZhouUSC Provost’s Award2022
Natalie AbreuUniversity Trustees Award2023
John AtwoodUniversity Trustees Award2023
Allison BaekUniversity Trustees Award2023
Anupam BatraUniversity Trustees Award2023
Daniel BomierUniversity Trustees Award2023
William Kristian Vu BosticUniversity Trustees Award2023
Rachel CassarUniversity Trustees Award2023
Lorand ChengUniversity Trustees Award2023
Kyra Eunice ChuaUniversity Trustees Award2023
Emily ChungUniversity Trustees Award2023
Erin ChungUniversity Trustees Award2023
Colin CoaneUniversity Trustees Award2023
Ammar DharaniUniversity Trustees Award2023
Brynne Di DonatoUniversity Trustees Award2023
Alexis DugelUniversity Trustees Award2023
Mylah EatonUniversity Trustees Award2023
Katelin ElligUniversity Trustees Award2023
Nicole FalkUniversity Trustees Award2023
Emily FarshiUniversity Trustees Award2023
Charles FeuerbornUniversity Trustees Award2023
Brendan GlascockUniversity Trustees Award2023
Cameron GlynnUniversity Trustees Award2023
Luke GreenwoodUniversity Trustees Award2023
Yaning HanUniversity Trustees Award2023
Hunter HinsonUniversity Trustees Award2023
Vishaal JagannadhanUniversity Trustees Award2023
Andrew JiangUniversity Trustees Award2023
Corey KarpUniversity Trustees Award2023
Jaiveer KhannaUniversity Trustees Award2023
Hilary KimUniversity Trustees Award2023
Reshma KopparapuUniversity Trustees Award2023
Leyla KhosrowshahiUniversity Trustees Award2023
Cailyn LeeUniversity Trustees Award2023
Kevin LuUniversity Trustees Award2023
Daniel LuoUniversity Trustees Award2023
Molly MancinaUniversity Trustees Award2023
Enrique MartinezUniversity Trustees Award2023
Mark McDermottUniversity Trustees Award2023
Celine Maia MendiolaUniversity Trustees Award2023
Elizabeth MensahUniversity Trustees Award2023
Anusha MubinUniversity Trustees Award2023
Joseph NaseibUniversity Trustees Award2023
Sarah PanekUniversity Trustees Award2023
Yilin QiUniversity Trustees Award2023
Crystal QinUniversity Trustees Award2023
Rohan SanjayUniversity Trustees Award2023
Krishni SatchiUniversity Trustees Award2023
Anthony SauerUniversity Trustees Award2023
Anna SchusserUniversity Trustees Award2023
Serena StephensUniversity Trustees Award2023
Grace SzafaraUniversity Trustees Award2023
Lauren TsaiUniversity Trustees Award2023
Melissa TungareUniversity Trustees Award2023
Angus TurnorUniversity Trustees Award2023
Milena van der ReisUniversity Trustees Award2023
Caroline VassarUniversity Trustees Award2023
Katherine VlamisUniversity Trustees Award2023
Zixin XuUniversity Trustees Award2023
William YangUniversity Trustees Award2023
Colin YeoUniversity Trustees Award2023
Tingyu ZhengUniversity Trustees Award2023
Yangqin ZhouUniversity Trustees Award2023
Karen AbeUSC Provost’s Award2023
Amy ChenUSC Provost’s Award2023
Sami ChmaitUSC Provost’s Award2023
Haoran ChuUSC Provost’s Award2023
Kathryn EhrbarUSC Provost’s Award2023
Wei Long FamUSC Provost’s Award2023
Guadalupe GutierrezUSC Provost’s Award2023
Ashley HeraviUSC Provost’s Award2023
Rachel KimUSC Provost’s Award2023
John KlopotowskiUSC Provost’s Award2023
Karina KramerUSC Provost’s Award2023
Melanie KwanUSC Provost’s Award2023
Yichen LiuUSC Provost’s Award2023
Jing LouUSC Provost’s Award2023
Christopher MansourianUSC Provost’s Award2023
Mariam ManukyanUSC Provost’s Award2023
Jonathan MeiUSC Provost’s Award2023
Alexander PriegerUSC Provost’s Award2023
Bita TanavoliUSC Provost’s Award2023
Jinghao WangUSC Provost’s Award2023
Mengzhe WangUSC Provost’s Award2023
Bo WangUSC Provost’s Award2023
Lydia WhitmanUSC Provost’s Award2023
Jacob WisnikUSC Provost’s Award2023
Yan ZhangUSC Provost’s Award2023