Valedictorian and Salutatorian

At USC, it is the custom to name one student to serve as the University Valedictorian and one or more students to serve as University Salutatorian. The USC selection process recognizes the very highest levels of academic achievement, but it is also more holistic and takes into consideration service and leadership as well.



Eligible candidates will be invited to apply and interview for consideration. A panel of senior faculty drawn from across the university serves as the Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection Committee. The committee members are tasked selecting the Valedictorian and Salutatorian(s) based on the following seven factors:

  1. grade point average (at least a 3.980 or higher)
  2. number of course units completed at USC
  3. breadth of the academic program, taking into account the widely varying degree requirements of individual majors
  4. challenge of the academic program considered as a whole
  5. contribution to university and community life
  6. quality of essay submission
  7. willingness to accept the award and, in the case of the Valedictorian, ability to deliver a short high-quality commencement address

Past Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Asna TabassumValedictorian2024
Elizabeth TchitchkanSalutatorian2024
James McCollSalutatorian2024
Isha SanghviValedictorian2023
Liam TsaoSalutatorian2023
Carina RoblesSalutatorian2023
Adam KarelinValedictorian2022
Andrew BinderSalutatorian2022
Shreya DanielSalutatorian2022
Tianna Shaw-WakemanValedictorian2021
Ashwin BhumblaSalutatorian2021
Jake BubmanSalutatorian2021
Isabella HauptmanValedictorian2020
Thomas KimSalutatorian2020
Gavin KressSalutatorian2020
Ivana Tú Nhi GiangValedictorian2019
Diviya GuptaSalutatorian2019
Haochen WangSalutatorian2019
Rosebud H. CampionValedictorian2018
Josephine AndrewsSalutatorian2018
Samuel A. CohenSalutatorian2018
Cooper V. NelsonValedictorian2017
Jordan K. KondoSalutatorian2017
Amanda C. SemlerSalutatorian2017
Sulekha RamayyaValedictorian2016
Ryan LindveitSalutatorian2016
Adrienne V. VisaniSalutatorian2016
Alexander Daniel YuenValedictorian2015
Carrie R. MooreSalutatorian2015
Jana Hollis ShapiroValedictorian2014
Brian A. LentzSalutatorian2014
Jared Todd SokolSalutatorian2014
Katherine A. FuValedictorian2013
Alexander FullmanSalutatorian2013
Julia Sabo MangioneSalutatorian2013
Genevieve HoffmanValedictorian2012
J. Ryan HillSalutatorian2012
Sonam G. KapadiaSalutatorian2012
Sarrah ShahawyValedictorian2011
Samantha G. AnconaSalutatorian2011
Craig WesternSalutatorian2011
Liana ChingValedictorian2010
Natasha A. NaikSalutatorian2010
Lisa WerthSalutatorian2010
Paul VanWeirenValedictorian2009
Brenda NuyenSalutatorian2009
Sara L. SchlievertSalutatorian2009
William ZarifiSalutatorian2009
Julianne Yulan GaleValedictorian2008
Reed DoucetteSalutatorian2008
Andrew D. HorningSalutatorian2008
Colin D. KoproskeValedictorian2007
Shannon BellSalutatorian2007
Joe HortonSalutatorian2007
Kavitha R. SivaramanValedictorian2006
Katheryn NeeperSalutatorian2006
Aaron WongSalutatorian2006
Katherine A. TrefzValedictorian2005
Brent NashSalutatorian2005
David M. ChackoValedictorian2004
Gene-Fu F. LiuSalutatorian2004
Rohit S ShahSalutatorian2004
Kevin C. HuohValedictorian2003
Deborah M. LeeSalutatorian2003
Dara E. PurvisSalutatorian2003
Stanley B. ChouValedictorian2002
Sameer T. AminSalutatorian2002
Scott L. TakanoSalutatorian2002
Paritosh PrasadValedictorian2001
Neelu AuroraSalutatorian2001
Jacob M. ChackoValedictorian2000
Jenny H. YieeSalutatorian2000
Alaina K. KippsValedictorian1999
Anna KilsgaardSalutatorian1999
Alison MartinezSalutatorian1999
Heather M. ZacharyValedictorian1998
Alexander R. SmallSalutatorian1998
Edward WelchSalutatorian1998
Jing S. ChenValedictorian1997
William H. HubbardSalutatorian1997
Christina D. SmolkeSalutatorian1997
Kemal DemircilerValedictorian1996
Clint N. ChuaSalutatorian1996
Eileen L. MearsSalutatorian1996
Michael J. BanksValedictorian1995
Darcy N. BryanSalutatorian1995
Mukesh SwaroopSalutatorian1995
Laura A. JohnsonValedictorian1994
Julie A. DavisSalutatorian1994
Mark RuzonSalutatorian1994
Lore A. UntValedictorian1993
Erik G. LunaSalutatorian1993
Nick Laurence Tan LimValedictorian1992
Stephen B. NovarroSalutatorian1992
William P. SchlossSalutatorian1992
Michael E. WilliamsSalutatorian1992
Kenneth T. KigerValedictorian1991
Chung-I ChuangSalutatorian1991
Julie S. LeachSalutatorian1991
Cynthia L. PalmerSalutatorian1991
Howard M. RoweSalutatorian1991
Wendy J. SpanglerSalutatorian1991
Carlyn R. TaylorValedictorian1990
Charlene M. ChiangSalutatorian1990
Jerry H. GilbertSalutatorian1990
Lori Beth TaublerSalutatorian1990
Eva C. IhleValedictorian1989
Peter J. PaciniSalutatorian1989
Kenneth L. BacherValedictorian1988
Kimberly L. ValentineValedictorian1988
Guillermo MadariagaSalutatorian1988
Brian P. ScottolineValedictorian1987
Ann Louis ChervenakSalutatorian1987
Debra L. DeVischerSalutatorian1987
Paul G. FloydSalutatorian1987
Bryan J. GushikenSalutatorian1987
Morteza ZarrabianSalutatorian1987
Samuel J. WangValedictorian1986
Michael P. ReillyValedictorian1985
Fred L. WehlingValedictorian1985
Patrick J. GrismerValedictorian1984
Sally L. MelochValedictorian1984
Sharon L. DolezalValedictorian1983
Henry M. HondaValedictorian1983
Stanley H. KoyanagiValedictorian1982
Linda V. KuglmeierValedictorian1982
Ramona L CappelloValedictorian1981
Craig S. FurnissValedictorian1981
Alice P. GastValedictorian1980
John F. WeberValedictorian1979
John A. GrahamValedictorian1978
Lawrence P. ChongValedictorian1977
Cindy L. EisleyValedictorian1976
John S. UebersaxValedictorian1975
Carol A. TalkingtonValedictorian1974
Glenn R. WongValedictorian1973
Linda J. DonovanValedictorian1972
Ronald PalmieriValedictorian1972