Second Year

Consider short-term opportunities for internship, study abroad, language study, and more to prepare you for future applications to other fellowships, graduate school, and jobs.

How to Prepare

Fellowship applications are not one-size-fits-all. The following are suggestions for building a portfolio in your second year:

Select programs with interdisciplinary emphasis and look into the Renaissance Scholar distinction certification

Continue involvement with research on and off campus; continue extracurricular activities

Get to know your professors further at office hours and campus events

Apply for study abroad programs; consider going abroad for the summer

Explore leadership roles in student organizations

Make a positive impact on campus/local community

Participate in mock interviews

Maintain a journal of goals and reflections

Research fellowships available to juniors and prepare your applications

Attend Research and Fellowships Week

The goal of the week is to discuss opportunities that support research, graduate study, language learning, teaching, and internships within the U.S. and abroad.

Open to students of all academic levels, staff and faculty, attendees participate in interactive panels and workshops to explore USC programs and external post-graduate possibilities.

Applications to Consider

Second year applicants may be eligible for the following opportunities:

USC Academic Achievement Award

Funding to support USC undergraduate student traveling to African countries for study, research, internships, or service-based learning.

sophomore – senior

USC Africa Student Fund

Funding to support USC undergraduate student traveling to African countries for study, research, internships, or service-based learning.

first-year – senior

USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service

10-week, full-time government service summer internships with elected officials and agencies at the federal, state or local level.

sophomore – junior

Astronaut Scholarship

$10,000 scholarship recognizing exceptional undergraduate STEM research.

sophomore – junior

Boren Scholarship

Up to one year of study abroad, with focus on language study and future career paths in national security or the federal government.

first-year – senior

Critical Language Scholarship

8-10 week summer overseas intensive language and cultural immersion program to learn 1 of 15 critical-need languages.

first-year – graduate student

Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

3-4 week summer academic and cultural immersion programs at universities in the United Kingdom.

first-year – sophomore

Gilman International Scholarship

Year-round study abroad funding for Federal Pell Grant recipients.

first-year – senior

Goldwater Scholarship

$7,500 scholarship for undergraduate STEM majors with highly competitive GPAs intending to pursue a research career.

sophomore – junior

Udall Scholarship

$7,000 merit-based scholarship for students pursuing careers in tribal health, tribal public policy, or the environment.

sophomore – junior