Undergraduate Writers’ Conference

17th Annual USC Undergraduate Writers’ Conference

Although the 2020 Writers’ Conference Discussion and Banquet portions have been cancelled, the writing competition will continue and winners will be announced Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

The Undergraduate Writers’ Conference provides undergraduate students a forum to share and discuss their writing with other peers. Benefits of participation include:

  • Conference Discussion Sessions
    • Build community with other fellow writers in small discussion groups.
  • Awards Ceremony and Banquet
    • Enjoy dinner at USC Town & Gown in celebration with all participants.
    • The most outstanding works will be recognized with First Prizes of $1000 and Second Prizes of $500.
    • Entrants may also receive recognition from the USC Schwarzenegger Institute
  • Getting Published Online

Conference participants must submit their work under one of the following writing categories:

  • Professional Writing/Moral Reasoning
  • Analytical Essay
  • Research Essay
  • Creative Work

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For application technical questions contact: Katie Capra
For questions regarding the Writers’ Conference contact: Professor Amy Meyerson