Bennis Scholars Online Application

Students wishing to join the second cohort of Bennis Scholars, beginning Fall 2017, should complete the online application below by 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.  


Résumé / List of Activities

Your application must include a one-page list of academic and extra-/co-curricular activities.  Activities from high school may also be included.

Two Essays

Essays should be a 500-word limit each, double spaced, 12-point font answering the following questions:

  • Essay 1: What are your current long-term professional aspirations? How will your participation in the Warren Bennis Scholars Program help you realize your life plan?
  • Essay 2: If you devoted your life’s work to one cause, what would it be and why?

Letter of Support

Students: Please select a recommender, preferably a professor, who can speak your leadership capacity.  We understand that you are early in your college career and may not as yet have formed any close relationships with professors.  If you do not have a professor who can write a recommendation, please ask an individual who has seen you in a professional or leadership setting – perhaps an internship or job supervisor or club advisor.

Recommenders: We are looking for students who display an exceptional capacity to lead and have community impact over the course of their careers.  Please describe why you think this student shows such potential.  To the extent possible, please use concrete examples.  If you have not personally or directly observed her/him in a leadership role, what from your discussions, coursework or other observations leads you to believe this student is a high potential candidate, both in leadership and an inclination to act for the benefit of others?

Letters of support must be submitted by the recommender directly to or via campus mail to: Academic Honors & Fellowships, STU 300, MC 0896

Interview Availability

Your application must include a completed Interview Availability sheet.  After the application deadline, you will be contacted to confirm interview dates and times should you proceed to the next round.

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