Eight 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients completed a bachelor’s degree at USC

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has named 2,000 individuals as recipients of the 2016 Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), including eight students that completed their undergraduate degrees at USC:

Undergraduate NSF GRFP Award Recipients
Jessica Chen
Life Sciences – Neurosciences

Vanessa Knutson 
Life Sciences – Systematics & Biodiversity

Eshed Margalit
Psychology – Cognitive Neuroscience

Joshua Faskowitz
Psychology – Developmental

Ryan McGee
Life Sciences – Evolutionary Biology

Christopher Sandino
Engineering – Biomedical

Gurmukh (Gumi) Sethi
Engineering – Materials

Christina Zdawczyk
STEM Education and Learning Research – Technology Education

In addition to USC’s undergraduate NSF GRFP Award recipients, four students earning a bachelor’s degree from USC were recognized with honorable mentions.

Undergraduate Honorable Mention Recipients
Jaime Castrellon
Psychology – Cognitive Neurosciences
Christopher Larson
Engineering – Biomedical
Promise McEntire
Social Sciences – Linguistic Anthropology
Meaghan Sullivan
Life Sciences – Biochemistry

In total, 37 USC undergraduate and graduate students were selected as award recipients or recognized with honorable mentions. Congratulations Trojans!

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