Probation & Campus Resources

If you are placed on scholarship probation, we strongly encourage you to arrange a time to meet with a scholarship advisor to discuss your academic progress and specific scholarship issues. We want to help you do your best academically and to help you identify strategies for improving your academic standing. There are many resources on campus to help support your academic work and to help with any other issues that may keep you from performing to your fullest potential.

Campus Resources

Academic Counseling Services offers learning assistance and tutoring in various subjects.

Writing Center provides one-on-one conferences and workshops to help students improve their critical thinking and writing skills.

Office of International Services assists international students with their educational, professional and personal objectives.

Engemann Student Health Center provides medical, counseling and wellness services to students.

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP) provides immediate therapy services for situations related to gender and power-based harm (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking). In case of an emergency or if you need immediate assistance, please call (213) 740-4900 (after hours, press zero “0” to speak to an on-call counselor). RSVP on-call counselors aid in discussing medical options, reporting options and provide crisis support and advocacy.


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