Exceptional Funding FAQ

Can I get my units back if I withdraw after the add/drop deadline?

No. You must make all course changes before the end of Week 3 to ensure you will not lose your Exceptional Funding. The tuition for the extra units is non-refundable after this point as a measure to prevent students from sampling courses without facing academic penalty.

Can I use the Exceptional Funding units to extend my scholarship beyond 8 semesters?

No. Exceptional Funding can only be used within the 8 semesters (10 for Architecture) of scholarship eligibility.

You approved me for “x” units of extra funding, and it still hasn’t appeared on my bill.

The additional scholarship will be credited by the tuition settlement deadline published in the Schedule of Classes, if you are already registered for the extra units. If the scholarship has not been credited by the tuition deadline, please contact our staff.

Do I need to pay for the extra units myself to be later reimbursed by Financial Aid?

If you have been approved for extra funding, and you are registered for all of your classes, Financial Aid will apply the extra funding toward your tuition before the tuition settlement deadline (published in the Schedule of Classes). Students who apply by the Priority Deadline can expect to receive their award before the first installment payment is due. Students applying after this deadline will have their award posted no later than the end of Week 4 in the given term. These students should expect to pay for their additional units upfront until a credit can be applied to their account.

As a Presidential Scholar, can I combine the half-tuition units to pay for 1 full unit? (For example, 8 half-tuition units = 4 full units of funding)

Half-units cannot be combined into one unit. A Presidential Scholarship is a 50% tuition scholarship, which also applies to Exceptional Funding. At no time will Exceptional Funding pay for 100% of extra tuition costs for Presidential Scholars.

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