Summer Exceptional Funding Application

Please be prepared to enter the session codes and corresponding Last Day to Drop w/o a “W” or Change P/NP or Receive a Refund for each course which can be found in Course Info. You must adhere to this date for withdrawing for a summer course, otherwise you will lose your Exceptional Funding units.

Why do you need a session code?

Session codes are used to confirm registration information for a summer course. Approved students will be required to notify our office 48 business hours before the deadline to add/drop without a “W”.

Where to find Session Codes: Codes can be found in the Schedule of Classes. Search for your course(s) using the Session Code page. Or you can use the search function by name or department. Click on the course title to find the “Session” number. Click on the session number to view the withdrawal deadline.

Applicants should submit with as much required information as possible. If a student cannot identify a session code, fill in placeholder zeroes for the session code. Students should still indicate a withdrawal deadline. This application form can be used to submit an “Update” if information becomes available at a later date.

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