Recent Alumni & Graduate Students

Although Academic Honors and Fellowships falls under Undergraduate Programs, there are opportunities applicable to current graduate students and/or recent alumni (in most cases, up to three years postgraduate). Please utilize individual academic departments, the Graduate School, and the Awards and Fellowships Database for additional opportunities.

Applications to Consider

Basic Information

Boren Fellowships Funding for U.S. graduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests. Matriculated graduate students; applying to degree program.
Churchill Scholarship One year graduate degree funding in STEM fields at University of Cambridge. Seniors and up to one year postgraduate.
Critical Language Scholarship 8-10 week summer overseas intensive language and cultural immersion program to learn 1 of 15 critical need languages. Undergraduate and graduate enrolled at time of application.
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Full-time postgraduate degree funding for any subject at University of Cambridge. Seniors and postgraduate. Age requirement.
Fulbright U.S. Student Program One year Study/Research grant in over 140 countries OR one year English Teaching Assistantship grant in over 75 countries. Seniors, alumni, graduate students without doctoral degree.
Knight-Hennessy Scholars Full-time funding for advanced degree in any subject at Stanford University and leadership program with international cohort. Up to 5 years postbaccaulareate.
Luce Scholarship One-year internship placement and stipend for those with limited exposure to Asia. Seniors or postgraduate. Age requirement.
Marshall Scholarship Graduate degree funding in the United Kingdom to promote U.S.-U.K. exchange. Rising seniors or two years postgraduate.
George J. Mitchell Scholarship One year master’s degree funding for 1 of 9 institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Seniors or postgraduate. Age requirement.
Rhodes Scholarships 1-3 years of graduate degree funding at University of Oxford. Senior and recent graduate. Age requirement.
Schwarzman Scholars One year master’s degree and leadership program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, with concentrations in public policy, international studies, or economics and business. Seniors or postgraduate. Age requirement.

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