Fellowships by Theme

Thematic categories below can help applicants identify awards that share a similar purpose. Each of these categories is further broken down into:

  • University Endorsement Required: participation in a formal campus process required as outlined on each fellowship page. Applicants are not able to apply directly.
  • Direct-Apply Opportunities: do not require university endorsement to apply, however, AHF will conduct general advising and/or draft reviews during specified periods.
  • Additional Opportunities: may be related to theme of choice but USC does not have a formal campus process.

Download our Fellowship Exploration Guide for guided reflection on best-fit fellowship themes based on your interests and goals. All of these awards, and many more, are also included in the USC Awards & Fellowships Database.

Graduate Study awards are for applicants interested in pursuing advanced degrees in North America, Asia, or Europe.

International Exchange provides opportunities for immersive cultural engagement abroad through teaching, research, study or internship.

STEM Awards provide an opportunity for study and/or research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Service Oriented awards emphasize public policy, international affairs, and public service through various avenues of study, research, and internship.

Language Study promotes language study and immersion internationally for applicants at varying levels of language proficiency.

Special Populations seek applicants from historically underrepresented groups including students of color, high financial need, first-generation, etc.

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