USC Faculty Mentors

All of the faculty members listed are willing to mentor USC Fulbright applicants for ETA and Study/Research grants. It is not a requirement to seek a mentor from the following list and we encourage applicants to continue establishing mentoring relationships with outside faculty members.

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English Teaching Assistantships

East Asia-Pacific

Dr. Emmy Min
Region of Expertise: South Korea

Dr. Eric Roth
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, China

South & Central Asia 

Dr. Murali Nair
Region of Expertise: Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Cambodia, China

Europe & Eurasia

Dr. Julietta Shakhbagova
Region of Expertise: Russia, open to all

Dr. Trisha Tucker
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, open to all

Western Hemisphere

Cynthia Mata-Flores, M.Ed
Region of Expertise: Mexico, Latin America

General ETA Advisement

Dr. Susan Corban Harris
Field of Expertise: Sociology, Service-learning, JEP

Anastassia Tzoytzoyrakos
Region of Expertise: Europe, East Asia

Middle East & North Africa (TBD)

Sub-Saharan Africa (TBD)

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Study/Research Grants


Dr. Tok Thompson
Field of Expertise: Folklore, Language Revitalization, Mythology, Cyber culture
Region of Expertise: Ireland, Ethiopia, Native America, The Internet


Dr. Diane Ghirardo
Field of Expertise: History and Theory of Architecture; 20th Century Architecture; Renaissance Architecture; Women’s spaces; 20th Century Italian Architecture
Region of Expertise:  North America, Europe, Africa, Australia


Associate Professor Karen Koblitz
Field of Expertise: Fine Arts, Culture
Region of Expertise: Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan

Professor Haven Lin-Kirk
Field of Expertise: Art, Design
Region of Expertise: China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Croatia, Slovenia

Dr. Ruth Weisberg
Field of Expertise: Art, Art History
Region of Expertise: Europe, Italy (Fulbright recipient), Israel, Hong Kong

Biological Science

Dr. Carly Kenkel
Field of Expertise: Marine Environmental Biology
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Australia, other island nations in the Pacific and Indian oceans


Dr. Jolanta Artiz
Field of Expertise: Professional Writing, Discursive Leadership, Cross-cultural Communication, Virtual Teams, Decision-making
Region of Expertise: Europe, Asia

Dr. Lucy Lee
Field of Expertise: Professional Writing, Speaking, Interpersonal Communication Skills; Higher Education and Organizational Change; Journalism; PR and Media Management; Nonprofit Organization Management; Theatre (NY & LA)

Cinematic Arts

Norman Hollyn
Field of Expertise: Cinema Production/Editing; Research is in areas of new media, editing theory and technology
Region of Expertise: China, Middle East, Latin America, Europe


Dr. Alan Green
Field of Expertise: Psychology, Mental Health Education
Region of Expertise: Caribbean, South America

Dr. Tracy Tambascia
Field of Expertise: Education, Higher Education
Region of Expertise: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong


Dr. Michelle Povinelli
Field of Expertise: Engineering/Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry)
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, Japan


Dr. Thomas Gustafson
Field of Expertise: American Literature, Culture, History and Politics; English Literature and Western Intellectual History from the Classical Era to the Present
Region of Expertise: United States

Environmental Studies

Dr. Lisa Collins
Field of Expertise: Climate Change
Region of Expertise: Belize, Latin America, India


Dr. Karin Huebner
Field of Expertise: North America, American West, Native American, and Gender and Sexuality
Region of Expertise: United States and Western Hemisphere

International Relations

Dr. Douglas Becker
Field of Expertise: Peace and Conflict Issues; Historical Memory

Dr. Megan Becker
Field of Expertise: Civil War, Failed States, Peacekeeping, Civil-Military Relations, Security Privatization, Politics of Autocracies
Region of Expertise: Sub-Saharan Africa (Central Africa)

Dr. Iva Bozovic
Field of Expertise: Political Economy, Development, Governance, Social Capital, Private Sector Growth
Region of Expertise: Eastern Europe, Developing Economies

Dr. Nina Rathbun
Field of Expertise: International Finance, Post-Communist Transition, U.S. Foreign Policy
Region of Expertise: Europe (East and West)

Languages & Linguistics

Dr. Barry Schein
Field of Expertise: Linguistics

Dr. Julie Van Dam
Field of Expertise: African Studies (literature and film), Postcolonial Studies, Disability Studies, History of Medicine, Gender Studies
Region of Expertise: West Africa, France


Dr. Laura Ferguson
Field of Expertise: Global Health
Region of Expertise: Most low and middle-income regions of the world

Dr. Heather Wipfli
Field of Expertise: Global Health, Global Governance, Health Policy, Tobacco, Chronic Disease
Region of Expertise: Uganda, India, China, Mexico, Ethiopia, Thailand (and more)

Dr. Mellissa Withers
Field of Expertise: Reproductive Health (HIV prevention, family planning, abortion, unplanned pregnancies, etc.) and Global Gender-Based Violence
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Mexico, Kenya


Dr. Bruce Brown
Field of Expertise: Music/Musicology, Classical Music (especially Opera and Ballet)
Region of Expertise: Europe, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

Dr. Lucinda Carver
Field of Expertise: Classical Music
Region of Expertise: Europe

Religious Studies

Dr. David Albertson
Field of expertise: Religious Studies, History, Philosophy
Region of Expertise: Germany

Social Work

Dr. Murali Nair
Field of Expertise:  Alternative Health Systems; Gerontology (cross-national studies on centenarians, healthy aging); Service Learning; Poverty and Disaster Management; Human Service Management; Data Mining and Data Analytics in Human Service; Grant Writing; Mindfulness
Region of Expertise: Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Cambodia, China

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