USC Faculty Mentors

The role of a Fulbright faculty mentor is to provide advice on the feasibility of your proposed project.  Ideally, a mentor has expertise in your academic field and/or host country and is willing meet to review your Statement of Grant Purpose and Personal Statement to provide feedback. Mentor/mentee roles are created informally and are not required to apply for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program through USC, but are strongly encouraged.

The faculty listed below are willing to be contacted to mentor USC Fulbright applicants.  We recommend that you reach out to a mentor once you have a working draft of your statements. Applicants are also welcome to work with mentors not listed here.  Other ways to find a mentor include:

USC Experts Directory
Search USC faculty experts by name or topic.

Fulbright Scholar Directory
Search faculty and professionals globally by institution and field who have won a Fulbright grant.

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Nancy Lutkehaus |
Field of Expertise: Globalization, Transpacific cultures, art, material culture, documentary film, cultural heritage, ethnography, qualitative research methods, visual studies
Region of Expertise: Open to all, worked in Europe, Mexico, Peru, Africa, and Oceania (Indonesia, Melanesia, Polynesia)
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Erin Moore |
Field of Expertise: Law, Gender, Culture, Anthropology
Region of Expertise: India
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Tok Thompson | 
Field of Expertise: Folklore, language revitalization, mythology, cyber culture, posthumanism
Region of Expertise: Ireland, Ethiopia, Native America
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Area Studies

Clayton Dube |
Field of Expertise: China, US-China relations, Taiwan; Chinese history, China media
Region of Expertise: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Ivette Gomez |  
Field of Expertise: Latin American literature and cultures, with emphasis in Caribbean cultural studies, Cuba history, US-Cuba relations
Region of Expertise: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Mentor for: Study/Research only


Amelia Jones |
Field of Expertise: art, art history and theory, gender studies/feminism and queer theory, performance studies
Region of Expertise: Pacific region
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Haven Lin-Kirk | 
Field of Expertise: design, art (painting, drawing, printmaking, installations), design theory
Region of Expertise: China, Japan, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Art History

Megan Luke |
Field of Expertise: Twentieth-century history of art and architecture, cinema and media studies, German literature and philosophy
Region of Expertise: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavia, United Kingdom
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Biological Sciences

Carly Kenkel | 
Field of Expertise: Marine Environmental Biology
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Australia, other island nations in the Pacific and Indian oceans
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


Nick Cull |
Field of Expertise: Media history, Communication aspects of international relations, public diplomacy
Region of Expertise: Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Colleen Keough |
Field of Expertise: Organizational communication, Conflict management
Region of Expertise: Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Comparative Literature

Natania Meeker |
Field of Expertise: French literature and philosophy; eighteenth-century culture and society; ecocritique
Region of Expertise: France, Europe
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Cinematic Arts

Laura Isabel Serna | 
Field of Expertise: Cinema and Media Studies, Cultural History
Region of Expertise: Mexico, Latin America
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


Alan Green | 
Field of Expertise: Counseling psychology, Mental Health Education
Region of Expertise: Caribbean, Guyana, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Emmy Min | 
Field of Expertise: English Education, Language Education
Region of Expertise: Korea
Mentor for: ETA only


Urbashi Mitra |
Field of Expertise: Electrical & Computer Engineering, wireless communications, signal processing, information theory
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Michelle Povinelli |
Field of Expertise: Engineering and Physical Sciences
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Environmental Studies

David Ginsburg |
Field of Expertise: organization and dynamics of natural communities, fields of physiology, chemistry, ecology, as well as environmental policy and management
Region of Expertise: Open to all coastal areas (but have specific expertise in the Antarctic, Indo-West Pacific and Caribbean)
Mentor for: Study/Research only


Julie Van Dam |
Field of Expertise: French literature and film; African literature and film; disability studies; the history of medicine; postcolonial studies; colonial studies; decolonial studies; women’s studies
Region of Expertise: France, Senegal
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

International Relations

Megan Becker | 
Field of Expertise: Political Science and International Relations
Region of Expertise: Africa
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Iva Bozovic | 
Field of Expertise: International relations, Development, Economics
Region of Expertise: Eastern Europe, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Nina Rathbun |  
Field of Expertise: International Finance, Post-Communist Transition, U.S. Foreign Policy
Region of Expertise: Europe (East and West)
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


Elsi Kaiser |
Field of Expertise: Linguistics, psycholinguistics, adult language processing
Region of Expertise: Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


Kiros Berhane |
Field of Expertise: Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Public Health
Region of Expertise: Africa
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Win May | 
Field of Expertise: Medical Education
Region of Expertise: Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Heather Wipfli | 
Field of Expertise: Global health, global governance, international politics, community engagement, work in low income countries
Region of Expertise: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda, China, Southeast Asia, Mexico
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


Bruce Brown | 
Field of Expertise: Music, Opera, Theater history, European culture and politics during the Enlightenment
Region of Expertise: Italy, France, German-speaking areas of Europe, Low Countries
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Lucinda Carver | 
Field of Expertise: Classical Music
Region of Expertise: Europe, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Adam Gilbert | 
Field of Expertise: Music; musicology; performance practice, composition, and improvisation from ca. 1400-ca. 1750; Musical symbolism, poetry and music. Performance of early music (recorder, shawm, bagpipes).
Region of Expertise: Western Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK), some knowledge of Brazil and New World music, Israel.
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Occupational Therapy

Erna Blanche | 
Field of Expertise: Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Sensory Processing
Region of Expertise: Latin America, Asia
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Public Diplomacy

Robert Banks | 
Field of Expertise: Public Diplomacy, Diplomacy, International Relations, American Studies
Region of Expertise: Korea, Argentina, Nicaragua
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA


David Albertson | 
Field of expertise: Religious studies, medieval studies, intellectual history
Region of Expertise: Germany; more generally Europe and UK
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Lisa Bitel |
Field of expertise: Religion/History
Region of Expertise: European history, Ireland
Mentor for: Study/Research only


Nathalie Bragadir | 
Field of Expertise: Spanish Language and Literature, ETA
Region of Expertise: Spain, Latin America, Caribbean
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Social Work

Murali Nair | 
Field of Expertise:  Non profit management, sustainable development, Social innovations, alternative health systems
Region of Expertise: South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka), Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Scandinavian – Nordic countries
Mentor for: Study/Research only

Teaching English as a Second Language

Eric Roth |
Field of Expertise: Persuasive writing, second language error correction, and fluency-focused communicative activities
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan, China, France, Spain, Open to all
Mentor for: ETA only

The Writing Program

Tamara Black |
Field of Expertise: Sociology, Gender, Culture, Pedagogy, Economic Sociology, Economics, Social Sciences, Qualitative Research Methods, Ethnography, In-depth Interviewing
Region of Expertise: Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Elizabeth Durst |
Field of Expertise: literature, visual arts
Region of Expertise: Russia, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

Amanda Hobmeier | 
Field of Expertise: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Linguistics, Rhetoric and Composition, Professional Writing, Science Writing, Grant Writing, Teacher Education
Region of Expertise: Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Switzerland, France, England, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, Open to all
Mentor for: Study/Research and ETA

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