USC Faculty Mentors

The role of a Fulbright faculty mentor (usually a professor) is to provide advice on the feasibility of your proposed project.  Ideally, a mentor has expertise in your academic field and/or host country and is willing meet to review your Statement of Grant Purpose, provide feedback, and may be one of your recommendation letter writers. Mentor/mentee roles are created informally and are not required to apply for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, but are strongly encouraged.

The faculty listed below are willing to be contacted to mentor USC Fulbright applicants.  Applicants are also welcome to work with mentors not listed here.  Other ways to find a mentor include:

USC Experts Directory
Search USC faculty experts by name or topic.

Fulbright Scholar Directory
Search faculty by institution and field who have already won a Fulbright.

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English Teaching Assistantship Mentors

East Asia-Pacific

Dr. Emmy Min
Region of Expertise: South Korea

Dr. Eric Roth
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, China

South & Central Asia 

Dr. Murali Nair
Region of Expertise: Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Cambodia, China

Europe & Eurasia

Dr. Julietta Shakhbagova
Region of Expertise: Russia, open to all

Dr. Trisha Tucker
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, open to all

Western Hemisphere

Cynthia Mata-Flores, M.Ed
Region of Expertise: Mexico, Latin America

General ETA Advisement

Dr. Susan Corban Harris
Field of Expertise: Sociology, Service-learning, JEP

Anastassia Tzoytzoyrakos
Region of Expertise: Europe, East Asia

Middle East & North Africa (TBD)

Sub-Saharan Africa (TBD)

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Study/Research Grant Mentors


Dr. Tok Thompson
Field of Expertise: Folklore, Language Revitalization, Mythology, Cyber culture
Region of Expertise: Ireland, Ethiopia, Native America, The Internet


Dr. Diane Ghirardo
Field of Expertise: History and Theory of Architecture; 20th Century Architecture; Renaissance Architecture; Women’s spaces; 20th Century Italian Architecture
Region of Expertise:  North America, Europe, Africa, Australia


Associate Professor Karen Koblitz
Field of Expertise: Fine Arts, Culture
Region of Expertise: Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan

Professor Haven Lin-Kirk
Field of Expertise: Art, Design
Region of Expertise: China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Croatia, Slovenia

Dr. Ruth Weisberg
Field of Expertise: Art, Art History
Region of Expertise: Europe, Italy (Fulbright recipient), Israel, Hong Kong

Biological Science

Dr. Carly Kenkel
Field of Expertise: Marine Environmental Biology
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Australia, other island nations in the Pacific and Indian oceans


Dr. Jolanta Artiz
Field of Expertise: Professional Writing, Discursive Leadership, Cross-cultural Communication, Virtual Teams, Decision-making
Region of Expertise: Europe, Asia

Dr. Lucy Lee
Field of Expertise: Professional Writing, Speaking, Interpersonal Communication Skills; Higher Education and Organizational Change; Journalism; PR and Media Management; Nonprofit Organization Management; Theatre (NY & LA)

Cinematic Arts

Norman Hollyn
Field of Expertise: Cinema Production/Editing; Research is in areas of new media, editing theory and technology
Region of Expertise: China, Middle East, Latin America, Europe


Dr. Alan Green
Field of Expertise: Psychology, Mental Health Education
Region of Expertise: Caribbean, South America

Dr. Tracy Tambascia
Field of Expertise: Education, Higher Education
Region of Expertise: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong


Dr. Michelle Povinelli
Field of Expertise: Engineering/Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry)
Region of Expertise: United Kingdom, Japan


Dr. Thomas Gustafson
Field of Expertise: American Literature, Culture, History and Politics; English Literature and Western Intellectual History from the Classical Era to the Present
Region of Expertise: United States

Environmental Studies

Dr. Lisa Collins
Field of Expertise: Climate Change
Region of Expertise: Belize, Latin America, India


Dr. Karin Huebner
Field of Expertise: North America, American West, Native American, and Gender and Sexuality
Region of Expertise: United States and Western Hemisphere

International Relations

Dr. Douglas Becker
Field of Expertise: Peace and Conflict Issues; Historical Memory

Dr. Megan Becker
Field of Expertise: Civil War, Failed States, Peacekeeping, Civil-Military Relations, Security Privatization, Politics of Autocracies
Region of Expertise: Sub-Saharan Africa (Central Africa)

Dr. Iva Bozovic
Field of Expertise: Political Economy, Development, Governance, Social Capital, Private Sector Growth
Region of Expertise: Eastern Europe, Developing Economies

Dr. Nina Rathbun
Field of Expertise: International Finance, Post-Communist Transition, U.S. Foreign Policy
Region of Expertise: Europe (East and West)

Languages & Linguistics

Dr. Barry Schein
Field of Expertise: Linguistics

Dr. Julie Van Dam
Field of Expertise: African Studies (literature and film), Postcolonial Studies, Disability Studies, History of Medicine, Gender Studies
Region of Expertise: West Africa, France


Dr. Laura Ferguson
Field of Expertise: Global Health
Region of Expertise: Most low and middle-income regions of the world

Dr. Heather Wipfli
Field of Expertise: Global Health, Global Governance, Health Policy, Tobacco, Chronic Disease
Region of Expertise: Uganda, India, China, Mexico, Ethiopia, Thailand (and more)

Dr. Mellissa Withers
Field of Expertise: Reproductive Health (HIV prevention, family planning, abortion, unplanned pregnancies, etc.) and Global Gender-Based Violence
Region of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Mexico, Kenya


Dr. Bruce Brown
Field of Expertise: Music/Musicology, Classical Music (especially Opera and Ballet)
Region of Expertise: Europe, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

Dr. Lucinda Carver
Field of Expertise: Classical Music
Region of Expertise: Europe

Dr. Adam Gilbert
Field of Expertise: Early Music, Musicology
Region of Expertise: Belgium, Netherlands, France (Dutch and French), Italy, Brazil and Spain

Religious Studies

Dr. David Albertson
Field of expertise: Religious Studies, History, Philosophy
Region of Expertise: Germany

Social Work

Dr. Murali Nair
Field of Expertise:  Alternative Health Systems; Gerontology (cross-national studies on centenarians, healthy aging); Service Learning; Poverty and Disaster Management; Human Service Management; Data Mining and Data Analytics in Human Service; Grant Writing; Mindfulness
Region of Expertise: Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Cambodia, China

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