University Endorsement

University endorsement requires participation in a formal campus process. Applicants are unable to apply to these opportunities directly. Endorsement signifies to administrators of a fellowship that candidates submitted by USC have been thoroughly vetted by a University-designated review panel. For some fellowships, USC is limited in the number of applicants who can move forward to the national or international competition. Most of these processes will require a campus interview. While USC may not be able to endorse all applicants, participation in the process can be very beneficial for qualified applicants to explore their personal narrative and further develop relationships with faculty mentors.

Additional direct-apply opportunities can be found in each of the thematic categories. Visit fellowship pages for eligibility and application information.

 Graduate Study      International Exchange      STEM Awards

 Service Oriented      Language Study      Special Populations

Astronaut Scholarship sophomore-junior 
$10,000 scholarship recognizing exceptional undergraduate STEM research.

Beinecke Scholarship junior     
Need-based graduate school funding for Ph.D. in arts, humanities and social sciences.

Boren Scholarship freshmen-senior        
Up to one year of study abroad, with focus on language study and future career paths in national security or the federal government.

Churchill Scholarship senior and alumni   
One year graduate degree funding in STEM fields at University of Cambridge.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program senior and alumni        
One year Study/Research grant in over 140 countries OR one year English Teaching Assistantship grant in over 75 countries.

Goldwater Scholarship sophomore-junior  
$7,500 scholarship for undergraduate STEM majors with highly competitive GPA’s intending to pursue a research career.

Luce Scholarship senior and alumni  
One year internship placement and stipend for students with limited exposure to Asia.

Marshall Scholarship senior and alumni    
Graduate degree funding in the United Kingdom to promote US and UK exchange.

Mitchell Scholarship senior and alumni     
One year Masters degree funding for one of 9 institutions in the Republic of Ireland.

Presidential Fellows Program (CSPC) senior  
Year-long program researching U.S. Presidency, public policy-making, or relations with Congress including two leadership conferences in Washington, D.C. during fall and spring.

Rhodes Scholarship senior and alumni  
1-3 years of graduate degree funding at the University of Oxford.

Truman Scholarship junior    
Up to $30,000 for graduate school for students with extensive record of public service intending to pursue careers in government or other public sectors.

Udall Scholarship sophomore-junior    
$7,000 merit-based scholarship for students pursuing careers in tribal health, tribal public policy, or the environment.

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