SCymposium 2021: Poster Gallery

This year, over 170 undergraduate students are presenting in the SCymposium poster sessions. Use the links below to explore student work. If you would like to engage with students about their work, we encourage you to RSVP to attend their live poster sessions.

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Arts & Architecture

Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
ART – 01 Yiwei (Lucy) Lyu, Lara Mendez Urban Canopy
ART – 02 Rudy Falagan Untitled (Daily Logs)
ART – 03 Payton Truszkowski The Inner White Girl Analogy
ART – 04 Karl Kristian Flores Can I Tell You Something
ART – 05 Amy Altman Two Paths, One Direction
ART – 06 Alexandra Policaro Accessible Practice Study


Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
HUM – 01 Abriannah Aiken, Luis Rodriguez-Perez Eagles Nest Hunting Lodge Through the Years: Historical Recreation and Accessible Interactive Experiences
HUM – 02 Maxwell Burlew Herms, Nike, and Surveillance Art
HUM – 03 Katie Kim Wash the Windows, Break the (Wooden) Ceiling: The Liminality of Gender Roles in Little House, a Beloved Pioneer Girl Story
HUM – 04 Lucy Sun Escapes and Deceptions: Chinese Women’s Resistance to Sexual Violence During the Nanjing Massacre, 1937-38
HUM – 05 Samuel Begun Reuse and Rediscovery: 20th Century Glass Artifacts and Providence’s Past
HUM – 06 Jack Casey Descendants of Ham: “Etíope” and José Antonio Aponte
HUM – 07 Sean Silvia Rebuilding the Roman Baths Embedded in Downtown Tarsus
HUM – 08 Jake Stemmons What if Japan Attacked Russia Instead of America: a World War Two Alternate History
HUM – 09 Chasia Jeffries We’ve Been Knew: An Ode to Black Women Bearing Witness & Bearing History through Poetry

Life Sciences I (Physiology, Organismal, Genetic, Neural)

Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
LS I – 01 Arushi Agrawal Liquid Biopsy Markers Predict Patient Outcome in  Metastatic Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Patients
LS I – 02 Anastasiya Demenko Functional Analysis of the Enhancer at cg05575921, a DNA Methylation Site that is Tobacco Smoke-Responsive and Highly Associated with Lung Cancer Risk
LS I – 03 Cecilia Liu The Assessment of Reproducibility of SMALT on Computational Replicates
LS I – 04 Camellia Rui Imputation Around the World
LS I – 05 Samuel Jump Functional analysis of an enhancer flanked by four tobacco smoke-responsive DNA methylation sites in the aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor gene
LS I – 06 Michael Kwan Isometric Handgrip Modulates Pupil Diameter in Younger and Older Adults
LS I – 07 Isabel Buri Ambient Outdoor Air Pollution (PM 2.5) and Mental Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review
LS I – 08 Michelle Ha Sex and Age Differences in Functional Correlation of the Default Mode and Frontoparietal Networks After Traumatic Brain Injury
LS I – 09 Angelina Lim Treatment and Outcomes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: A Population-Based study in the U.S.
LS I – 10 Lana Bridi Early life Western Diet-induced memory impairments and gut microbiome changes in female rats are long-lasting despite healthy dietary intervention
LS I – 11 Yoojin Chung, Yiyang Fang, Trisha Willie Analyzing Potential Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorder and Discomfort in Dental Hygiene Students
LS I – 12 Danika Banh Stepping Into the Future of Dentistry: Virtual Reality and Orthodontic Diagnosis
LS I – 13 Arianna Lopez, Leiyanne Roldan Using Sonographic Imaging to Identify the Risk of Musculoskeletal  Pain in Dental Hygienists Over Time
LS I – 14 Yijun Shao Genomic Landscape of ssDNA Intermediates in E. coli
LS I – 15 Jaden Mullin Copy number analysis of early-stage NSCLC patients using HD-SCA 3.0 platform
LS I – 16 Alan Zhang Secondary Analysis of Single Cell RNA-seq Datasets Reveals Potential Pericyte Diversity
LS I – 17 Jun Kim, Hyung Jun (Josh) Lee, Shania Wang Estimation of biological brain aging following mild traumatic brain injury using multivariate statistical analysis
LS I – 18 Sweta Bhagavatula, Aubrey Martinez Fully Automated Pipeline for the Cortical Thickness Estimation in TBI Rodents
LS I – 19 Ammar Dharani, Rachel Lin, Layal Wehbe Older Age and Male Sex Predict White Matter Degeneration Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
LS I – 20 Susan Kishi The role of lactate shuttling in mediating synaptogenesis and learning in motor cortex
LS I – 21 Katy Figueroa, Keon Ghodrati, Keymia Ghodrati, Evan Haas, Biomechanical Neural Network Markers in C. elegans: Quantifying the Effects of Dopamine on Parkinsonian Movement
LS I – 22 Benjamin Hacker, Jessica Zhu Comparison of Fractional Anisotropy Along White Matter Connections in Health vs. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
LS I – 23 Vera Hsu Assessing Cell Cycle Gene Copy Number Alterations from Cell-Free DNA in HR+/HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Life Sciences II (Cellular)

LS II – 01 Bryson Choy Activation Mechanism of Class A GPCRs is Dependent on Allosteric Sodium Binding
LS II – 02 Kay Katada The role of Sprouty2 in regulating protective epithelial cell types in inflammatory bowel disease
LS II – 03 Rithik Rajani Machine Learning based on Single Cell Morphology to Predict Aggressive Variant Prostate Cancer Molecular Signature using High Definition Single Cell Assay
LS II – 04 Woori Lee Metformin in Kidney cyst reduction
LS II – 05 Harinarayana Mellacheruvu Early Detection of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer using the High Definition Single Cell Assay (HD-SCA 3.0)
LS II – 06 Sean Solomon Time-series Modeling of Multiple Myeloma Progression from Precursor States
LS II – 07 Jena Tran High Resolution Immune Profiling on HDSCA Platform
LS II – 08 David Wen Identifying Osteoclast Genes Involved in Bone Repair
LS II – 09 Lily Bai Longitudinal Tracking of Circulating Rare Events in the Liquid Biopsy of Stage III-IV NSCLC Patients during Treatment
LS II – 10 Sarah Barhouma Outcomes for Pediatric Living Liver Donor Transplantation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
LS II – 11 Ariana Chen MOTS-c: A Mitochondrial-Encoded  Tumor Suppressor?
LS II – 12 Alex Hill Enumerating Rare Tumor Cells in Liquid Biopsies from Patients with Head/Neck Cancer on Immunotherapy Treatment
LS II – 13 Amanda Hmelar Phenotypic and genomic change of circulating rare cells in response to treatments in advanced prostate cancer patients
LS II – 14 Eric Yang A Demographic-Collaborative Recommender System for Longitudinal Treatment Decision Support in Multiple Myeloma
LS II – 15 Aidan Plant The Deconvolution of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in CTCs of Advanced Prostate Cancer
LS II – 16 Anne Amacker Enumeration and Classification of Rare Cells in Normal Blood Donors using HDSCA3.0
LS II – 17 Andrew Chen Early Detection of Lung Cancer Through Characterization of Circulating Rare Cells
LS II – 18 Matthew Jeon AKT but not MYC promotes reactive oxygen species-mediated cell death in oxidative culture
LS II – 19 Sachin Narayan Uncovering single cell heterogeneity in the liquid biopsy: a cross-assay analysis of metastatic colorectal cancer
LS II – 20 Salmaan Sayeed Predicting Post Cystectomy Recurrence of Bladder Cancer via Liquid Biopsy Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells Using HDSCA3.0
LS II – 21 Dean Tessone Enumeration of Rare Events in Circulating Osteosarcoma Patients
LS II – 22 Mihir Kumar Developing a Predictive Model for Genomically Altered Circulating Tumor Cells in Small Cell Lung Cancer Using the Liquid Biopsy
LS II – 23 Olivia Hart Stratification of Breast Cancer Patients by Stage Using Morphological Analysis of Circulating Rare Events in a Liquid Biopsy

Physical Sciences

Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
PS – 01 David Nguyen Comparisons of the Seismic Properties of the Sun During Solar Cycles 23, 24, and 25
PS – 02 Cameron Baab Developing a Risk Prediction Model for Treatment Failure in Retinoblastoma using Clinical and Molecular Features
PS – 03 Roddur Dasgupta, Chloe Kuo, Haemin Lee Defining and Expanding  Behavior Tree Representations  Learned from Robot Demonstrations
PS – 04 Ipek Goktan, Karen Ly Mobile MoveToCode: Creating Mobile, Kinesthetic, Augmented Reality Programming for K-12 Education
PS – 05 Angie Shao An Application of Covariate-Dependent Hidden Markov Model Estimation of Blood and Breath Alcohol Concentration Based on Transdermal Alcohol Biosensor Data
PS – 06 Elizabeth Zhou The Effect of Degeneracies on Molecular Free Energy
PS – 07 Cameron Audras Reconciling Industrial-Scale Solar Siting and Community Concerns in the Mojave Using Mixed Methodologies
PS – 08 Radhika Bhuckory PyREM: Implementing a Computational Model of Airborne Respiratory Droplet-based Virus Transmission
PS – 09 Yubin Lin In-Body Localization Technique Based on MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
PS – 10 Nathan Kristanto Predictive Modeling of CART Persistence in Patients with HER2+ Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases: A Liquid Biopsy & Machine Learning Integrated Approach
PS – 11 Samuel Atcheson, Brian Gillespie Symbolic Representation: An Avenue for Tactile Programming
PS – 12 Radhika Agrawal, Nisha Chatwani, Julia Cordero PoseToCode: Increasing Elementary Student Curiosity in Programming  Through Web-Accessible, Multimodal, and Kinesthetic Learning
PS – 13 Jason Feuerstein Teaching Parallel and Distributed Computing Concepts in Simulation
PS – 14 Nisha Chatwani, John Heo, Miru Jun, Keyuri Kathrotia, Maxwell Kofman, Jethro Lim, Leena Mathur, Surya Nehra, Bari Noor, Karina Yang, Jessie Zhang Multimodal Machine Learning Models  for Non-Invasive, Low-Cost Dementia Detection
PS – 15 Benjamin Ma Play it Again, Sam: How Music Characterizes Genre in Film
PS – 16 Minyoung Kim Robustness and reproducibility of computational genomics tools
PS – 17 Juliana Tichota Optimized Catanionic Vesicle-to-Micelle Transition for Photoreversible Control of Membrane Protein Folding
PS – 18 Kristin Wong The La Brea Tar Pits: An Ice Age Storymap

Social Sciences I

Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
SS I – 01 Young-Kyung Kim, Morgan Lu, Lauren Oberreiter, Jamie Schlegel, Inequality in Risk-Taking: Evidence from Location Tracking in Mexican Cities during COVID-19
SS I – 02 Alicia Adiwidjaja, Naman Casas, Felix Goldwasser USC GeoHealth Hub
SS I – 03 Kyra Chan, Kathy Lam, Elise Wimberly USC Student Food Access
SS I – 04 Kelsey Genda Therapeutic Claims and Quality Issues Posed by Dietary Supplements
SS I – 05 Shreevika Mitra Physiological and Emotional Reactivity in Response to Infant Cries: The Role of Depression Symptoms
SS I – 06 Griff Riggs Youth Nicotine Addiction: Strategic Regulation Defiance by the Disposable Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Industry
SS I – 07 Sunyoung (Stacy) Uhm Chronically Left Out – Lack of Patient Diversity in Chronic Disease Clinical Trials in Los Angeles
SS I – 08 Charlene Ko, Angelica Vasquez Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Access Disparity in  the Los Angeles Homeless Population
SS I – 09 Carly Yang Antidepressants Among Special and Vulnerable Populations: Examining Clinical Trials for Generalizability of Findings
SS I – 10 Taylor Franklin Young Children Selectively Transmit True Information When Teaching
SS I – 11 Jackson Fitzgerald Submerged Cultural Heritage Analysis
SS I – 12 Sameer Ahmed Deaths in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention: FY 2018-2020
SS I – 13 Omer Baker Review OF Government-Sponsored Studies and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testings, Treatments, and Vaccines
SS I – 14 Alexander Bruckhaus, Aubrey Martinez Post-Lockdown Infection Rates of COVID-19 Following the Reopening of Public Business
SS I – 15 Owen Friend The Pseudo-Temporal Problem: Examining How Child Sex Abuse Victims Interpret and Respond to Temporal Language
SS I – 16 Zachary Hrenko Why Small Businesses Struggle to Get Loans in the Middle East and What Governments Can Do to Fix it
SS I – 17 Komal Patri Associations of Impulsivity Subscale Scores and Frequency of Tobacco, Nicotine, and Cannabis Use
SS I – 18 Emily Wulf Historical Redlining and Children’s Blood Lead Levels in Los Angeles
SS I – 19 Crystal Aguilera Social Media Use and Psychological Well-Being and Ill-being in Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis
SS I – 20 Tuba Asifriyaz The Relationship Between Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) and Transdermal Alcohol Concentration (TAC) Measurements Across Females and Males
SS I – 21 Rachel Ablondi, Jackson Fitzgerald, Erik Huisman, Seher Randhawa USC Urban Trees Initiative
SS I – 22 Christian Reyes Building a Platform for Developing and Disseminating Plain Language Summaries
SS I – 23 Emily Donahue Barriers to Diabetes Technology in Low-Income Patients
SS I – 24 Cecilia Nguyen Representation of Race and Ethnicity in Clinical Trials for Pediatric Mental Health Disorders

Social Sciences II

Exhibit Code Presenter(s) Project Title
SS II – 01 Elle Giovanni Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury : The Role of Reinforcement Learning and Dopamine
SS II – 02 Ashley Benhayoun Resilience and the University Experience: Perceived Sources of Stress and Coping Mechanisms for Korean-American College Students
SS II – 03 Bryant Cong ,Deborah Ho, Claire Post What’s in a Reaction? Emoji Response Ambiguities in Texts and Social Media
SS II – 04 Peyton Brown, Dahlia Earleywine, Patrick Lee Associations between partners’ negative communication styles and physiological arousal in the lives of young adult romantic couples
SS II – 05 Adam Omary Emotive Image Perceptions in Youth with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
SS II – 06 Joyce Jang Cultural Differences in Self-Affirmation Writing Among Asian American and European American Students
SS II – 07 Carrie Watson Parental Autonomy Support and Academic Motivation in First-Generation and Continuing-Generation College Students
SS II – 08 Serena Yi Fertility preservation discussions between young adult colorectal cancer survivors and their providers
SS II – 09 Tianyu Wang Lay Perceptions of Reasonable Suspicion Criterion for Terry Stops
SS II – 10 Marissa Anderson Identification of the Appeal and Sensory Profiles of Flavored E-Cigarette Solutions: A New Paradigm for Tobacco Regulation
SS II – 11 Clarisa Wijaya The Meaning of Health and Illness in the Lives of Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Illness: A Qualitative Study
SS II – 12 Yun Bao Designing a Mobile Real-Time Alcohol Consumption Web Application for Use in the Lab and Field
SS II – 13 Chloe Chose Adolescent and Young Adult Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Products: Associations with Respiratory Symptoms
SS II – 14 Haley Hsu, Madeline Rouse The Effectiveness of Linguistic Manipulations on COVID-19 Related Health Messages
SS II – 15 Rachel McKenzie Effects of Addiction Science on Conceived Freewill and Responsibility
SS II – 16 Willis Tang Associations Between Tobacco-use Status and COVID-19 Symptom Severity
SS II – 17 Kyla-Rose Walden Internalizing Behavior and Inhibition/Activation Sensitivity In Mauritian Youth With And Without A Parental History of Drinking Problems
SS II – 18 Lisa Freedland, Avani Vasireddy, Zaharah Zaidi Individual Stress Predicts Insulting and Invalidating Behaviors in Young Adult Dating Couples
SS II – 19 Sumedha Attanti Isometric Handgrip Exercise Improves Reaction Times on a Working Memory Task
SS II – 20 Priya Kumar Association of low-income mothers’ education with supervised infant physical activity
SS II – 21 Rose Fajans Nonadjacent Dependency Learning in Distinctive Abstract Objects
SS II – 22 Ian Sotomayor Don’t Stress if You’re Stressed: Reappraisal for Improved Interracial Interactions
SS II – 23 Alexis Pinela Social Identity as an Internal State for Instrumental Learning
SS II – 24 Zoe Bautista Do 3-Year-Olds Understand that Appearances Can Deceive?