Imagine learning about cutting-edge stem cell research during your first week at USC. Perhaps you want to discuss current political issues, understand how to build a startup, or immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of Los Angeles. These are just a few examples of the micro-seminars available to you during Fall Welcome Week.

What are Micro-Seminars?

Micro-seminars are mini-workshops or small-group sessions that highlight a specialized topic in a short time. Limited to two 90-minute sessions, these seminars are designed to give you the chance to meet one faculty member in an informal setting and engage in an academic environment before regular classes begin. Attendance for most seminars is limited to just 20 students to ensure thoughtful discussion and the opportunity to meet peers with similar interests.

Faculty from across all schools and disciplines at USC are leading a micro-seminar. While you may attend a seminar that jump-starts your fields of study, you are not required to sign up for a seminar based on your major. This is learning for the sake of learning, so there is no required homework or grading. Some faculty may suggest short readings in advance to add to your understanding of the topic.

Use the side menu to view examples of past micro-seminar topics.


All micro-seminars are scheduled for two parts on Thursday and Friday of USC Welcome Week. Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1 with the same professor, topic, and peers. Check back later for Micro-Seminar dates in 2020.

Remember to also visit the USC Welcome Week website, where you can plan your complete Welcome Week schedule.