At the 2014 commencement, the university recognized 87 seniors as USC Global Scholars. Each student spent at least ten weeks outside the U.S. as part of their undergraduate experience in their field of study and completed a capstone project and reflective essay related to the international experiences with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Of the 40 graduating scholars who were selected as prize finalists by their school, ten have been nominated to receive a Global Scholar prize. The ten prize recipients form an exemplary group. Their names and programs are provided below, as well as a brief description of their Global Scholar project.

Jessica Friedmann

Programs: Public Policy Management & Planning, Psychology (minor)

Zachary Gima

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Alice Hall-Partyka

Programs: Global Health, Environment Studies

Emily Holmes

Programs: Health & Humanity, Consumer Behavior, Natural Sciences (minor)

Katherine Kelsh

Programs: Social Sciences (Economics), English and German

Jorge Perez

Programs: Theater, French (minor)

Laura Pochowski

Program: Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)

Nora Synder

Programs: International Relations, Middle East Studies

Anish Tilak

Program: Architecture Construction Planning & Management (minor)

Tatumn Walter

Programs: East Asian Languages and Cultures, International Relations (Global

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