2019 Renaissance Prize Winners

For 2019 Commencement, USC recognizes 250 seniors as USC Steven & Kathryn Sample Renaissance Scholar Candidates. Renaissance Scholars are students who graduate in two or more widely separated fields of study with both a major and minor, or two baccalaureate degrees. Renaissance Scholars must meet requirements for superior academic performance, including no less than a 3.5 overall grade point average, and no less than a 3.5 grade point average in their respective programs of study. Of this group, 84 scholars applied for the prize competition, and eleven have been selected to receive a $10,000 prize towards graduate study.

Catherine Atkinson

Major: Political Science (B.A.)
Minor: Environmental Science

Kate Crellin

Majors: Choral Music (B.A.); Law, History and Culture (B.A.)

Serena Jarwala

Majors: Political Science (B.A.); History (B.A.)
Minor: Classics

Yasmine Kahsai

Major: Art (B.A.)
Minor: East Asian Languages and Cultures

Morgan Kuligowski

Major: Neuroscience (B.A.)
Minor: Classical Perspectives

Lindsay Marty

Majors: Human Biology (B.S.); Spanish (B.A.)
Minor: Musical Studies

Autumn “Mai” Mizuno

Majors: International Relations (B.A.); Philosophy, Politics and Law (B.A.)

Zharia O’Neal

Majors: Public Relations (B.A.); Narrative Studies (B.A.)
Minor: Theatre

Nikita Shirsat

Major: Human Biology (B.S.)
Minors: Dance; Science, Health and Aging

Jonathan Sussman

Majors: Performance (Flute) (B.M.); Biomedical Engineering (Biochemical Engineering ) (B.S.)

Haochen Wang

Majors: Astronomy (B.S.); Mathematics (B.S.)
Minor: Musical Studies