2012 Renaissance Prize Winner

Wall of Scholars 2012 - Renaissance

At the 2012 commencement, the university has recognized 172 seniors as Steven and Kathryn Sample USC Renaissance Scholars. Each student has completed a major and a minor, or a double major, in two disparate fields with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Each Renaissance Scholar is also eligible to enter the Renaissance Scholar Prize competition. Of the 87 graduating scholars who chose to compete, ten have been nominated to receive a $10,000 prize. The ten prize recipients form an exemplary group.

Julie Guerin

Majors: Neuroscience (B.A.); Psychology
Minor: Art History

Sonam Kapadia

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.A.); Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Minor: Sociology

Lauren Maldonado

Majors: Art History; Biological Sciences (B.A.)

Cody Nelson

Majors: Biochemistry, History

Tran Nguyen

Majors: Mathematics (B.A.); Philosophy

Noa Oldak

Major: Anthropology
Minors: English; Human Rights; Spanish

Michael Salvatore

Majors: Anthropology; Fine Arts (Studio Art)

Dorie Wang

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.S.); Economics

Gregory Woodburn

Major: History
Minors: Entrepreneurship; Painting

Alexandria Yen

Majors: Art History; Interdisciplinary Archaeology
Minor: Occupational Science


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