2001 Renaissance Prize Winners

At the 2001 commencement, the university recognized 67 seniors as USC Renaissance Scholars. Each student completed a major and a minor, or a double major, in two disparate fields with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Each Renaissance Scholar is also eligible to enter the Renaissance Scholar Prize competition. From among the 54 scholars who chose to compete, 19 have been nominated to receive a $10,000 prize. The 19 prize recipients form an exemplary group.

Neelu Arora

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.A.); Social Sciences (Economics)

Jason Beck

Majors: Cinema-Television (Production); Anthropology (Visual Anthropology)

Shashank Bengali

Majors: Broadcast Journalism; French; Political Science

Angie Chen

Majors: Print Journalism; East Asian Languages and Culture
Minor: Animation

Alden Chiu

Majors: History; Biological Studies (B.A.)

Egbert Dawkins

Majors: Communication; Linguistics and Psychology

Grace Fong

Majors: Music Performance (Piano); Public Policy and Management
Minor: Business

Jaspaul Gogia

Majors: History, Biological Sciences (B.A.)

Caroline Hennen

Major: International Relations
Minor: Natural Science

Geoff Keighley

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Philosophy

Fereshteh Kermanshahi

Major: Biological Sciences (B.S.)
Minor: Gender Studies

Ashwini Lakshmanan

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.S.); Social Sciences (Economics)

Natalie Moniaga

Majors: Biological Sciences; Gender Studies

Paritosh Prasad

Majors: Psychobiology; Political Science

Pradeep Prasad

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.S.); English (American Literature)

Monika Roy

Majors: Comparative Literature; Biological Sciences (B.A.)
Minor: Cinema-Television

Stephen Sohn

Majors: Biological Sciences (B.A.); English (Creative Writing)

Michael Vaughan

Majors: Cinema-Television (Critical Studies); History

Achi Yaffe

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Natural Science


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