2011 Global Prize Winners

At the 2011 commencement, the university recognized 39 seniors as USC Global Scholars. Each student spent at least ten weeks outside the U.S. as part of their undergraduate experience in their field of study and completed a capstone project and reflective essay related to the international experiences with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Of the 21 graduating scholars who were selected as prize finalists by their school, eight have been nominated to receive a $10,000 prize. Their names and programs are provided below, as well as a brief description of their Global Scholar project

Jacob Bongers

Programs: Interdisciplinary Archaeology; Cultural Anthropology (minor); Video Game Design and Management (minor)

Nicole Broom

Programs: Sociology; Spanish

Catherine Dolan

Program: Architecture

Grace Hwang

Program: Environmental Studies (B.S.)

Brandon Miliate

Programs: International Relations; Gender Studies (minor)

Mei (Carolyn) Ng

Programs: Architecture; Communication Design (minor)

Daniel Reckard

Program: Music

Dayton Thorpe

Programs: Mathematics (B.S.); Physics (B.A.)

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