2018 Discovery Prize Winners

At the 2018 Commencement, USC recognized 90 Discovery Scholars. USC Discovery Scholars are students who have produced exceptional original scholarship or creative work at USC while compiling a distinguished overall academic record, including no less than a 3.5 overall grade point average. Of this group, 25 scholars were nominated as prize finalists and ten have been selected to receive a $10,000 prize towards graduate study.

Anbar Aizenman

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
For, “M-Pesa: Relationship with Financial Services and Labor Market Outcomes.”

Alexandra Bartol

Thornton School of Music
For, “Something Ever After”

Rose Campion

Thornton School of Music
For, “Forging the Folk: The Development of a National Musical Identity in Edwardian England”

Sharif Farrag

Roski School of Arts & Design
For, “I’m new here.”

Jackson Fein

USC Keck School of Medicine
For, “Pediatric dog bites: a population-based profile”

Jamie Kwong

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
For, “Cold War and Post-Cold War Rogues: U.S. Responses to China’s and North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Programs”

Jose Alejandro Medina

School of Architecture
For, “Learning from the Forest”

Kaushik Parvathaneni

Keck School of Medicine
For, “PEEP Lower Than the ARDS Network Protocol is Associated with Higher Pediatric ARDS Mortality”

Raphael Rosalen

School of Cinematic Arts
For, “YouTube’s Vlog Authenticity in the Performance of Femininity”

Kevin Ye

Viterbi School of Engineering
For, “Perovskite (per-OFFS-gyte) Chalcogenides (kal-KOH-juh-NIDES) for Solar Energy Conversion”

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