At the 2014 commencement, the university has recognized 105 seniors as USC Discovery Scholars. Each student has completed a culminating project in their field of study with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Of the 27 graduating scholars who were selected as prize finalists by their school, ten have been nominated to receive a Discovery Scholar prize. The eleven prize recipients form an exemplary group. Their names and programs are provided below as well as a brief description of their Discovery Scholar project.

Michael Bertch

Programs: Economics, History

Peter Cameron

Program: Theatre (Acting) BFA

Brandon Glousman

Program: Human Development and Aging

Richelle Gribble

Programs: Fine Arts, Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship

Saad Haddad

Program: Composition

Julia Lazzari-Dean

Programs: Chemistry(Chemical Biology); Computer Science

Mathew Orr

Programs: Physics, Astronomy (minor)

Carlos Portela

Programs: Aerospace Engineering, Physics

Kevin Reinhardt

Programs: Architecture, Sculpture (minor)

Tiffany Wang

Programs: Communication, Communication Design and Marketing

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