Does the Academic Honors and Fellowships office assist applicants with finding study abroad programs or internship/service placements in Africa?

No. Students will need to have already identified a specific program or opportunity in Africa at the time of application. We encourage you to consult with the Office of Overseas Studies, your academic department / faculty mentors, or student organizations to explore various abroad opportunities.

Do I have to propose a USC-sponsored program to qualify for the Africa Student Fund?

No. While many applicants choose an existing USC study abroad program or service trip, you are welcome to find opportunities through external companies and non-profit organizations. By doing so, however, you will need to submit documents and/or letters of affiliation to verify the credibility of the opportunity.

Am I eligible for the Africa Student Fund if I am already the recipient of another source of research funding (e.g. SOAR / SURF)?

Yes. You are still eligible for the Africa Student Fund, as it only covers transportation costs and will not interfere with other sources of research funding.

Is there a minimum time frame I would need to be in Africa to qualify for funding?

While there is not a strict minimum time frame, we generally encourage students to propose a trip that lasts more than 10 days in country. An ideal proposal is one that is between a month to a whole semester. The purpose of the Africa Student Fund is to provide students with the opportunity to fully immerse in a cross-cultural experience, which requires a considerable length of time to achieve.

Can I apply for the Africa Student Fund as part of a student group?

Yes. If you are seeking travel funds on behalf of a recognized USC student organization, you only need to submit one application for the group.

Can the Africa Student Fund support other financial costs of my proposed trip?

No. Funding is allocated for transportation costs only (including airfare and ground), but it cannot cover program costs, food, lodging, or other miscellaneous fees.

How many students are selected to receive the Africa Student Fund per award cycle?

The number of awardees will fluctuate each semester, but it is typically between 2 – 5 recipients.


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