Awardee Archive

2017 – 2018

Brooke Helstrom, Gaborone, Botswana
Brooke took upper division environmental science courses at the University of Botswana and conducted her own research on the intersection of faith and environmentalism. She also found community abroad through a field hockey team. Based on her experience abroad, Brooke will focus on environmental peace building as a research fellow for the USC-UNESCO Journal for Global Humanities, Science & Ethical Inquiry.

Linqi “Elly” Yang, Gulu, Uganda
As part of the USC chapter of GlobeMed, Elly spent one month in Uganda in partnership with grassroots NGO Spark Microgrants to work on the implementation of a food market at a local village. Her team also conducted field research on local environmental and clinical conditions.

2016 – 2017

Caroline Chen, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya
Independent research studying the effects of mobile telecommunications infrastructure investment on the development of digital economy in Africa.

Caroline Chen (’17) meets with Tayo Oviosu, CEO of Pagatech Limited and fellow Trojan.

Problems Without Passports (French 499)Senegal

Julianna Coleman 
Research on cross-cultural study of Autism Spectrum Disorder, comparing diagnostics and therapeutic techniques, as well as cultural perceptions of autism in Senegal versus U.S.

Christina Troester
Research on the intersection of literature and film in articulating women’s rights, with focus on Angele Diabang, a female Senegalese documentarian.

Summer Zofrea
Research on Girls Scouts of Dakar (Guides de Dakar) and how the organization plays a role in the lives of young girls in the country.

Project Malawi, Malawi
Project Malawi is a student-run organization focused on promoting equity, health, and development in at-need and under-resourced sectors of Malawi. On this service trip, the team worked with local hospitals to transport crucial medical supplies. Read more about their project in Daily Trojan.

Sameera Khurana, South Africa
Internship with 1to1 – Agency of Engagement, a nonprofit that facilitates architectural and spatial design strategies through community engagement to improve public spaces.

Sofia Deak, Morocco
Study abroad through AMIDEAST Area & Arabic Language Studies Program and volunteer work with local refugee communities.

2015 – 2016

Sonia Blough, South Africa
Study abroad and research project on visual representations of post-apartheid South African culture through an analysis of public art (murals, street art, graffiti, etc.)

Gabrielle Cohen, South Africa
Mixed methods research project comparing and contrasting mental health and wellness at the University of Cape Town & USC

Brittany Fleck, South Africa
Study abroad and blog exploring the healthcare system, value nutrition & physicality play in health & wellness, and how aging is perceived

Nitika Johri, Uganda
Service-based internship with Spark and the Ocitoaka Community in a grassroots project

Jasper Leong, Ghana
Orphanage service trip with the Nyame Adom Foundation

Grace Marotta, South Africa
SEPELA field program and photo project researching primate behavior

Maria Jose (MJ) Plascencia, South Africa
Research project on the role of Jazz music played in the Apartheid District Six Community

Moira Turner South Africa
Study abroad and ethnographic research project on race, history, and culture within University protest spaces

2014 – 2015

Sarah Wood, South Africa
Study abroad program at University of Cape Town

Audrey Emerson, Tanzania
Documentary detailing the lives of three women uplifting their communities

Michael Sturgis, South Africa
Vocal instruction in Voice Feminization

2013 – 2014

ASB Uganda, Uganda
Service collaboration with the Global Health Network and the communities of the Oyam District to provide support for education and transportation

Rachel Cowman, Kenya
Volunteer at Heshima Children’s Center with a focus on occupational therapy

Jorge DeAvila, South Africa
Zulu practicum and research project on HIV in disadvantaged communities

Alice Lee, Uganda
Photography project on a Acama, a retiree of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), and his family














Ashley Lukashevsky, South Africa
Study abroad and research on arts and social movements

USC Globe Med, Ghana
Care Net Ghana maternal health project

2012 – 2013

Rohit Khanna, Uganda

Medical Supplies for Rural Communities

Bisrat Woldemichael, Ethiopia
Heritage trip and research on prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS

2011 – 2012

Ayushi Gummandi, South Africa

Erica Patel, Kenya
Volunteer at Wema Children’s Center Orphanage


Anu Ramachandran, Tanzania
Research on HIV Education in Rural Tanzania – Support for International Change

2010 – 2011

Daniel Alvarado, Mozambique
Research project on the impact of Portuguese colonial urbanism and architecture

Silva Sevlian, Ethiopia
Heritage trip and documentary in her mother’s homeland

Emily Taymor, Senegal
Pre-production for HIV Film on Arranged Marriage