Special Courses

Generally, AAA funding is approved for students who are enrolled in courses that fulfill major, minor, or General Education requirements. However, there are special courses that do not satisfy degree requirements but have been approved for use with the Academic Achievement Award, because they satisfy prerequisites for required courses or provide specific academic benefits.

Generally speaking, foreign language, research, and practicum courses may qualify as exceptions for AAA funding eligibility. The list of courses below is not exhaustive, and appeals may be considered for other courses on a case-by-case basis. To submit a course appeal, you must provide verification from your academic advisor and/or faculty mentor to the AHF office.

List of Special Case Courses Eligible for AAA Funding

General Exceptions

Specific Course Exceptions

  • CORE 200: Liberal Arts Reading Salon
  • ENGR 100 A/B/C/D: Engineering Honors Colloquium
  • MOR 476 A/B/C: The Art of Ethical Leadership (Warren Bennis Scholars)
  • PHED courses: Only approved for students within 2 semesters of graduation.
  • SSEM 200: Sophomore Seminar: Career Pathways
  • THTR 397: Theater Practicum (only approved for Theater majors and minors)

If you have questions about particular courses, please contact Academic Honors and Fellowships at ahfstaff@usc.edu.