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General Recorded Videos

Fulbright Tutorials are up-to-date always-accessible slideshow videos which allow applicants to learn about the basics of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Fulbright Webinars are recorded and saved (see the Events section for live webinars) for those applicants who cannot attend the live event.

The Fulbright Program Vimeo Channel highlights grantees and alumni through video-we visit alumni, talk to grantees, and dig into what Fulbrighters are doing on the ground.

Recorded Videos for USC Fulbright Applicants

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Info Session with Alumni Ambassador Emmanuel Johnson
Target audience: Undergraduate and Graduate Students + US citizenship required
AHF staff and Fulbright Alumni Ambassador (and current USC PhD student!) Emmanuel Johnson introduce the Fulbright U.S. Student Program and share tips for applicants. (Recorded November 2016)

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Session with Fulbright Senior Program Officer Lora Seery
Lora Seery, Senior Program Officer at Institute of International Education, walks you through the Fulbright process and answers all of your questions in this 1.5 hour session. (Recorded May 2016)

Meet the 2016-2017 USC Fulbright Recipients!!

Research at the USC Libraries for Undergraduate Students
(Presentation Slides)
Librarian Elizabeth Galoozis will share how undergraduates can utilize the USC libraries for research, class assignments and other projects.

Research at the USC Libraries for Graduate Students
(Presentation Slides)
Librarian Elizabeth Galoozis will talk about the research resources that are available for graduate students at the USC libraries.

Writing Resources

Fulbright Binder of Successful Essays
Stop by our office at STU 300 to review 100+ essays from USC students who were selected for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.  No appointment needed.

How to Choose Fulbright Grant Type and Country Brainstorm Worksheet
This brainstorm sheet offers guidance to narrow down which Fulbright opportunity and country are the best fit for you considering your experiences thus far.

Fulbright Grant and Personal Statement Tips and Guidelines Handout
This resource guide, created by USC Academic Honors & Fellowships, offers important pieces of general advice that all potential Fulbright candidates should consider during the application process.

Writing A Personal Statement Video
Faculty from The Writing Program offer tips on how to write a personal statement that can be used for fellowships and graduate school. (Recorded November 2016)

Personal Statement Best Practices authored by USC Writing Program Instructors: Tamara Luqué Black, Elizabeth Durst, Mandy Hobmeier, and Amy Meyerson

Make an Appointment with The Writing Center to Review Your Essay Drafts
Let the staff know you are applying for Fulbright and bring a copy of your essay prompts.

Writing Personal Statements Website
This site offers sample personal statement and extensive writing recommendations from famed writing tutor, Joe Schall. This manual is available for free use by students, faculty, and other interested parties, and the intention is to make this material as widely available as possible.

Lessons From Abroad Conference Booklet
Looking for help getting started with your personal narrative? Utilize the tools in this booklet, developed by our colleagues at Lessons From Abroad, to reflect on how an abroad experience has or will enhance your collegiate and professional careers.  This booklet of reflection activities can give your resume and fellowship applications a competitive edge and assist you as you discover new ways to work, teach, volunteer, or study abroad after graduation.

AHF Fulbright Newsletter

The AHF Fulbright Newsletter is sent bi-weekly beginning in early June with the goal to provide tips and resources to help keep your application on track throughout the summer.  Applicants who have registered through USC will receive the Newsletter.  Please note the AHF bi-weekly newsletter will be sent to the email address you indicate within your Fulbright application. See an example of a previous newsletter.

Fulbright Faculty Mentors

A Fulbright faculty mentor is someone who knows you well as a person and also understands your academic ability.  For example, this may be your senior thesis supervisor or a faculty member you have taken several classes with. Ideally, your mentor should be willing to not only write one of your letters of recommendation, but also meet with you to review your Statement of Grant Purpose throughout your application preparation period.  A mentor should have expertise in the field in which you are proposing your Fulbright project.  It is an added benefit if they are also familiar with the country you are proposing to go.  (If they are not familiar with the country, it may be worth identifying an additional mentor who is – especially for ETA applicants.)  **Having a mentor is not a requirement of the Fulbright application, and mentor/mentee roles are created informally.  However, we STRONGLY suggest you identify a faculty member in your field who can help you with the feasibility of your project.

Ways to find a mentor:

Previous Fulbright Recipients

USC Fulbright Recipients List
Recipients are listed by year on our website.  You can also search for them quickly on the Fulbright Grantee Directory.

Fulbright Alumni Ambassadors List
The Fulbright U.S. Student Alumni Ambassadors are trained to serve as representatives, recruiters and spokespersons for the Fulbright Program.  We have a current Fulbright Ambassador on campus!


Emmanuel Johnson

Fulbright U.S. Student in Computer Sciences
United Kingdom, 2013-2014

In England, Emmanuel completed his master’s in robotics and conducted research in human robot interactions. He was primarily interested in exploring how robots can use gestures as a way of providing feedback in a learning environment. Emmanuel’s work also led to an internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he helped to build a user interface to control a robotic arm. Outside of his grant studies, Emmanuel volunteered in the Birmingham England via TEAM UP to tutor middle school students in mathematics. Emmanuel is currently a PhD student at the University of Southern California in the Computer Science Department.

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