Global Scholars

The Global Scholars distinction is designed to encourage our students to become outstanding world-citizens, while preparing them to navigate our increasingly-interdependent community. -C. L. Max Nikias

Global BannerGlobal Learning Outcomes

USC Global Scholars extend their learning by spending at least ten weeks in other countries around the world. No matter what you are studying at USC, these Global Learning Outcomes can help you get the most from your time abroad by encouraging you to see the global impact of your education.

Engage in international activities

Participate in curricular and co-curricular activities that expose you to patterns of life and ways of thinking that are different than your own—different cultures, religions, languages and literatures, political systems, economies, and uses of science and technology.

Raise your global literacy

Become more knowledgeable about “the state of the world,” current global conditions and political issues, especially related to the environment, natural resources, health pandemics, poverty, genocides, human rights, population migrations, and regional and international conflicts. Raise your awareness of the presence of global realities in everyday local life.

Increase your intercultural competence

Explore the rich variability of perspectives and cultural practices, especially as expressed in different value systems, family structures, gender relations, symbol systems, and tastes related to music, art, clothing, food, and shelter.

Expand your awareness of global interdependence

Raise your consciousness of the interconnectedness of life and our existence within a complex biological, planetary, social, and moral ecosystem in which we are linked together, dependent on others, and yet responsible for one another. You should be able to distinguish between seeing the world as a global system versus a collection of nations.

Critique knowledge from a global perspective

Ask yourself whether interpretations offered by “authoritative” sources, especially those in your program(s) of study, are valid from a global vantage point. Let this shift in perspective guide you to new insights, fresh knowledge, critiques, original inventions, and better ways to structure human relationships, both politically and economically.

How to become a Global ScholarDevelop your own global perspective

Re-examine the basis of your ethical judgments, and the impact you can have in making life more just, equitable, joyful and creative. Weigh the implications of your personal choices in terms of your obligations to others and ask yourself what citizenship in a global context means to you.

You can find more background about the Global Scholars distinction in President Nikias’ announcement from which this is excerpted.


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