USC Academic Achievement Award

The USC Academic Achievement Award provides a tuition benefit to students who are pursuing multiple undergraduate degree objectives, have at least sophomore standing, and have earned a cumulative USC GPA of at least 3.750. The Award allows Fall or Spring registration in up to 21 units at the standard full-time tuition rate.

The purpose of the award is to allow highly motivated students with excellent academic records to complete multiple undergraduate degree objectives without adding to their time-to-degree.


In order to receive the Academic Achievement Award for a given Fall or Spring semester, you must:

  1. be an undergraduate student
  2. have declared a double major, a double degree, or a major-minor combination
  3. have earned sophomore standing (i.e., have completed at least 32.0 units of USC and/or transfer credit) at the time of application
  4. have earned a cumulative USC GPA of at least 3.750 based on the completion of at least 12.0 USC units at the time of application
  5. demonstrate that the additional tuition units will contribute to the completion of multiple undergraduate degree objectives
  6. complete the online application